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Pokémon Unite: Halloween Festival brings stadium makeover, new battle item, cosmetics and more

Pokémon Unite's seasonal event, Halloween Festival, arrives with a stadium makeover, themed cosmetics, a battle item and more.
Pokémon Unite: Halloween Festival brings stadium makeover, new battle item, cosmetics and more

Halloween has taken over Nintendo’s MOBA, Pokémon Unite, with pumpkins and plenty of trick and treating. With the battles having remained the same, there are a few surprises that await Trainers during the limited-time festival.

Nintendo has outlined some ghastly additions that have arrived at Aeos Island including seasonal items, rewards and more to enjoy. Here’s what you can expect during Pokemon Unite’s Halloween Festival.

Halloween Festival: Pumpkin Attack

Pokemon Unite’s Halloween Festival will introduce players to a seasonal battle mechanic, Pumpkin Toss in Quick Battle. During a battle, Trainer Controls will include the Pumpkin Toss in which Trainers can use against an opposing Pokémon.

The all-new Pumpkin Toss battle item. (Picture: Nintendo / TiMi Studio Group)

Trainers are warned that this battle item can also hit surrounding Pokémon, including from your team and they can also hit your Pokémon too. When hit, your Pokémon won’t be able to score any points, however, they can only move by rolling across the stadium which increases your Pokémon’s movement.

Your Pokémon will have access to a special move when hit by a pumpkin called Pumpkin Push. Similar to a rolling dash, your pumpkined Pokémon can strike the opposing Pokémkn by pushing them further back to their side of the stadium.

Defend your GoalZones with the Pumpkin Tackle. (Picture: Nintendo / TiMi Studio Group)

Trainers can also use the Pumpkin Push to evade incoming attacks or a big push from opposing Pokémon. The Pumpkin Toss only lasts for a limited period to attack, evade or escape.

Halloween Festival: Pumpkin Bonuses and Rewards

Aside from Mer Stadium getting a makeover in Quick Battle, Trainers can earn spooktacular rewards during the Halloween Festival. You can collect pumpkins through the limited-time event which can be redeemed at the Pumpkin Exchange.

Additionally, there will be daily pumpkin login bonuses until 7th November 2021 and Trainers can complete themed daily missions to earn more pumpkins until 2nd November 2021. These pumpkins can be used in exchange for Battle Point boost cards, Halloween background, themed cosmetics, a Greedent Unite licence and more.

Halloween Festival: New themed shopping items

Halloween-themed cosmetics have arrived at Pokémon Unite alongside the Halloween festival. Trainers can visit the Aeos Emporium during the event to purchase new fashion sets, hats, bags and more.

Additionally, Trainers can score new Pokémon Holowear available for a limited period by visiting the Zirco Trading. The Pumpkin Exchange and Halloween-themed items will run alongside the Halloween Festival until 10th November 2021.  

Trainers will have plenty of terrific activities to scare their opposing team and dress up your Pokémon in style. Avoid flying pumpkin as you unite in battle this Halloween.

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / TiMi Studio Group.