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Pokémon Unite's Greedent: how to unlock, best build, moveset, held and battle items, more

Greedent, Pokémon Trainers choose you! We break down what you need to know about this defensive type Pokémon.
Pokémon Unite's Greedent: how to unlock, best build, moveset, held and battle items, more

With the launch of the limited-time themed event, Halloween Festival, now live for the mobile and Nintendo Switch versions of Pokemon Unite, Trainers were also treated to the arrival of a brand new Pokémon: Greedent

If you’re familiar with Pokémon Sword and Shield, then Greedent should be no stranger to you. However, if not, this defensive Normal-type Pokémon can provide great support to your team provided you know how to best use this Pokemon.

In this guide, we detail what we know so far about Greedent as well outlining the best Pokémon build including moveset, held and battle items to guide your team to victory.

Pokémon Unite: Who is Greedent and how to unlock

Pokémon Sword and Shield players will recognise this berry-eating Pokemon as it arrived in Pokémon Unite at the start of the Halloween Festival on 20th October 2021. A Normal-type Pokemon, Greedent is best known for its unique move, Stuff Cheeks, which allows the Pokémon to eat berries for an HP boost.

Best used in a defensive role, Stuff Cheeks also raises this Pokémon’s defensive stat overtime when eating berries.

Trainers who wish to add this adorable squirrel Pokémon can purchase it at the Unite Battle Committee Shop via Aeos Emporium. Trainers either purchase Greedent for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos gems to acquire the Pokémon.

Trainers can either use Aeos Coins or Gems to purchase Greedent. (Picture: Nintendo / TiMi Studio Group)

With the seasonal Halloween festival event ongoing, Trainers can use 70 Pumpkins in exchange for Greedent. This is possibly the only way Trainers can acquire Greedent for “free” without dipping into your wallet for a new Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite: Greedent’s moveset

To truly harness the power of this squirrel-looking Pokémon, Trainers will need to know as much as possible to better support your team in stadium battles.

  • Tackle
  • Stuff Cheeks
  • Belch
  • Berry Belly Flop (Unite Move)

At the start of the match, players will start as its base form, Skwovet before evolving to Greedent at Level 5. Trainers will have the Tackle move available as your main move for dealing damage early on and farm EXP faster to evolve.

Once reaching Level 5, Trainers will have the choice between Stuff Cheeks and Covet but we recommend Stuff Cheeks as it’s the best move for players to understand the Pokémon’s defensive moveset. Trainers can also use Tackle to launch Greedent into enemies and with Stuff Cheeks, Greedent drops berries which can be used to recover some HP and slightly increase its speed.

Using the Stuff Cheeks move, Greedent can collect dropped berries to recover some HP. (Picture: Nintendo / TiMi Studio Group)

As players continue farm lanes, at Level 7, granted that Trainers stuck with Greedent in a defensive role, Belch will be unlocked as the move deals plenty of AoE damage and slows down your opposing Pokémon’s speed but any berries remaining in its tail will be consumed for an added HP boost.

Pokémon Unite: Best Greedent held and battle items

To further boost Greedent’s stats during battles, Trainers will need to equip battle items that will make the Pokémon tanky and an effective jungler in the early rounds of the battle. We recommend equipping the following held items:

  • Buddy Barrier: when using Greedent’s ultimate or Unite Move, the Berry Belly Flop, this item grants the Pokémon and its ally (with the lowest HP) a shield equivalent to 20% of their max HP
  • Focus Band: when activated, Greedent slowly recovers a minimum of 8% of their HP
  • Rocky Helmet: after receiving certain amount damage from an opposing Pokémon, it deals damage to nearby opposing Pokémon equivalent to their max HP

As with most Pokémon Unite builds, we strongly advise using the Eject Button as the battle item of choice to get Greedent out of precarious situations. This can be useful if the Pokémon is relatively low in HP, is outnumbered or defending a Goal Zone alone with no attacking allies nearby.

For a full tutorial plus gameplay on how to play Greedent in Pokémon Unite, watch this YouTube video by RaZzi.

With all this information, trainers can head into battle equipped with the best build and strategies in overcoming the opposing team on Mer Stadium. Don’t forget to take full advantage of the Halloween Festival to earn bonus rewards by logging in daily and completing challenges and missions.

Don’t forget to check out our dedicated Pokémon section for the latest news, updates, guides, leaks and more.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / TiMi Studio Group.