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Pokémon GO Safari Zone - How To Get Shiny Finneon And Lumineon

Along with the Safari Zone event in Taipei City, Pokémon GO will introduce shiny Finneon and shiny Lumineon, here's a guide detailing how to get them.
Pokémon GO Safari Zone - How To Get Shiny Finneon And Lumineon

The next Pokémon GO Safari Zone event has been revealed and it will take players to Taipei City in Taiwan. To celebrate the new event, Niantic will bring in the debut shiny form of Finneon and Lumineon for any Trainers that are lucky enough to find one.

If you've experienced or read about Safari Zones in the past, you'll know that this event is more exclusive than most events in Pokémon GO. Just like the base games, Safari Zones introduce a specific area that can house Pokémon you wouldn't normally see in abundance. That means to catch shiny Finneon and shiny Lumineon, you'll have some extra work to do.

How to catch shiny Finneon and Shiny Lumineon in Pokémon GO

Safari Zone
Safari Zones always introduce something new for all Trainers. (Picture: Niantic)

The Safari Zone for Taipei City will take place on October 21, 2022, and it will run until October 23. This event is done in conjunction with Pokémon Air Adventures, an initiative that essentially promotes travel for in-person events within Pokémon GO. Getting access to the event is the first step in getting a shiny Finneon and a shiny Lumineon.

Safari Zones, like the previous one in Spain, always require a ticket to participate, and there are versions such as early access that you can buy for more time. On average, the tickets are about $25 give or take. All of this information is important to catching a shiny Finneon because it will likely only spawn in this zone for the time being.

If you are one of the Trainers that makes it to the Safari Zone in Taipei City, all you need to do is walk around the designated area in Taiwan for the in-person event. As long as you stay within the boundaries, Finneon or Lumineon should show up fairly frequently. You'll have a chance to catch a shiny Finneon each time you encounter the Pokémon.

Safari Zone GO
Safari Zones require tickets and attendance. (Picture: Niantic)

Like any other shiny debut in Pokémon GO, after this event is over, the shiny forms of Finneon and Lumineon will be available forever. The only additional challenge will be actually finding one. Pokémon spawns always change in the wild depending on your region and the event that is live at the time.

You likely won't ever find a shiny Lumineon by itself, so you'll have to encounter Finneon as many times as possible. Catch enough to get 50 Candies and you'll be able to evolve the first form into a shiny as well. Soon enough, plenty of Trainers will have a shiny form after the Safari Zone event ends.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.