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Pokémon GO Safari Zone Taipei – Dates, Featured Pokémon, More

Niantic released new details for the Safari Zone: Taipei, with ticket sales available as we learn more about the Pokémon GO live event.
Pokémon GO Safari Zone Taipei – Dates, Featured Pokémon, More

Original article was written by Tarun Sayal.

Niantic and The Pokémon Company will gear up for the next Pokémon GO Safari Zone live event, set to take place in Taipei in conjunction with Pokémon Air Adventures. If you weren't aware, previous live events took place in Sevilla, Spain, and more recently in Goyang, South Korea, where Trainers from around the world gather to participate in exclusive activities.

The upcoming Safari Zone live event will take place soon as the developer has released the official event details. We've detailed what they need to know about Safari Zone: Taipei, including event dates and times, featured Pokémon, and exclusive bonuses.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Taipei – Event Dates And Times

The next Pokémon Go Safari Zone live event will commence at the Da'an Forest Park, Taipei City, starting on 21st October 2022, before the event ends on 23rd October 2022. The event will run between 10 am and 6 pm local time for those wishing to attend.

Tickets are available for this Safari Zone event and can be purchased through the Pokémon GO Event Ticketing web page. Like with previous live events, one-day tickets are obtainable from the web page, and if they wish to attend all three days, they'll need to buy three one-day tickets if they aren't sold out.

  • General Admission Ticket: NTD$520 (access to the location between 12 pm and 6 pm local time)
  • Early Access Ticket: NTD$380 (access to the location from 10 am local time)

Details regarding their COVID-19 health protocols have yet to be released, as we'll update this article once more information has been provided. Similarly, any technical difficulties experienced during the live event can be found on the official Niantic Support Twitter account and the dedicated Safari Zone FAQ page.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Taipei – Featured Pokémon

pokemon go events guide safari zone taipei featured pokemon pachirisu
Pachirisu and several other Pokémon will appear more frequently during the Safari Zone: Taipei live event, including their Shiny forms. (Picture: Niantic/ The Pokémon Company)

The Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Taipei live event is set to feature several Pokémon appearing in the wild within the radius of the event space on the allocated day and time printed on their ticket. This includes three variations of the Electric-type Pokémon, Pikachu, and if they should be fortunate, Shiny forms(*) for various Pokémon may appear, including a Shiny Finneon.

The following Pokemon will appear more frequently during the Safari Zone: Taipei live event:

  • Pikachu wearing a green Berry T-Shirt*
  • Flying Pikachu with multicolor balloons*
  • Flying Pikachu with green balloons*
  • Doduo*
  • Seel*
  • Tangela*
  • Scyther*
  • Snorlax*
  • Chikorita*
  • Togetic*
  • Marill*
  • Unown E, P, and T*
  • Corsola*
  • Lotad*
  • Wingull*
  • Swablu*
  • Pachirisu
  • Finneon*
  • Munna*
  • Solosis
  • Ferroseed*
  • Clauncher

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Taipei – Event Bonuses

pokemon go events guide safari zone taipei daily adventure incense
While Incense will be activated for the event lasting eight hours, this won't affect Daily Adventure Incense. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

Trainers can take advantage of various exclusive bonuses available for the duration of the Safari Zone event. They will be active for the allocated date and time printed on their ticket, which could include the following:

  • Four extra Special Trades can be achieved during the event with the max cap of Special Trades at five a day
  • Trades made throughout the event will utilize 50% less Stardust
  • Exclusive Special Research and Field Research tasks are available for the live event
  • Activate Incense during the event will now last eight hours; however, it does not apply to Daily Adventure Incense
  • Trigger Lure Modules during the event will now last eight hours
  • Buddy Pokémon will increase chances of locating Souvenirs, which includes the event-exclusive paper plane Souvenir

Lastly, ticket holders can receive an exclusive event medal for attending the Safari Zone: Taipei live event. In addition, plenty of photographic opportunities are available to earn bonus rewards and rare surprises.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.