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Top 10 Pokémon In The Pokémon GO Great League

In the highly competitive Pokémon GO Great League, you'll need the top 10 Pokémon picks to reach the top.
Top 10 Pokémon In The Pokémon GO Great League

There are three main Leagues in Pokémon GO that return with every new season, but the most competitive of them all is the standard Great League. This League appears the most often and it has the most inclusive CP requirements, so having at least some of the top 10 best picks can make a massive difference.

Not only is it easier to get some of the best picks because of the 1,500 CP limit, but it also makes the most powerful Pokémon in the game much more common. Of course, some Pokémon will automatically exceed that 1,500 CP limit, but most options in the game that aren't Legendary will make the cut. Having at least three picks on hand can have you at Ace rank in no time.

Pokémon GO Great League - Top 10 best picks

Great League
The Great League is still the most competitive ladder. (Picture: Niantic)

Before going through the list of the Top 10 best picks in the Pokémon GO Great League, there are a couple of important notes. The first is that the moves you have on these Pokémon will make a world of difference in their ranking. If you decide to use TMs that aren't listed below, it can change the overall ranking.

Another note is the use of Shadow and XL Pokémon in the Great League. Both of these can completely change the stats or the rankings of a Pokémon. In particular, some Pokémon will be useless without the use of XL Pokémon, so players below level 30 or 40 will need to ignore them. Regardless, you will find 10 of the top picks and their best moves for the Great League below.

Top 10 Great League picks:

  1. Registeel - Lock On (Fast) and Focus Blast / Zap Cannon (Charged)
  2. Walrein - Powder Snow (Fast) and Icicle Spear / Earthquake (Charged)
  3. Scrafty - Counter (Fast) and Power-Up Punch / Foul Play (Charged)
  4. Galarian Stunfisk - Mud Shot (Fast) and Rock Slide / Earthquake (Charged)
  5. Bastiodon XL - Smack Down (Fast) and Stone Edge / Flamethrower (Charged)
  6. Altaria - Dragon Breath (Fast) and Sky Attack / Moonblast (Charged)
  7. Trevenant - Shadow Claw (Fast) and Shadow Ball / Seed Bomb (Charged)
  8. Swampert - Mud Shot (Fast) and Hydro Cannon / Sludge Wave (Charged)
  9. Medichamp XL - Counter (Fast) and Ice Punch / Psychic (Charged)
  10. Nidoqueen - Poison Jab (Fast) and Poison Fang / Earth Power (Charged)

Though these Top 10 picks in the Great League will certainly appear and dominate more often than not, they are not the only good options. Sometimes, a Pokémon in the Top 20 or 30 could be better for your team than mashing options from above together.

Great League Remix
Skarmory isn't at the top but can still be a viable pick. (Picture: Niantic)

Choosing which Pokémon are your leads and your closers for a team of three will also be a deciding factor in the victory. Picks such as Galarian Stunfisk are some of the best leads while Registeel should always close the match. Either way, you'll certainly start to improve with the presence of the picks from above.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.