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How to get Tyrunt and Tyrantrum in Pokémon GO

Catch some of the most fearsome Fossil Pokémon in Adventure Week.
How to get Tyrunt and Tyrantrum in Pokémon GO

Though Pokémon GO Fest 2022 is over, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of debuts in the works, and the latest includes Tyrunt within Adventure Week. Along with Tyrunt, Amaura will also make a debut because the main theme of the event is Fossil Pokémon.

Both of these Pokémon will have similar ways of obtaining and evolving them, but this guide will focus solely on Tyrunt. On its own, Tyrunt is essentially a tiny T-Rex, but it's the Tyrantrum evolution that makes it the truly fearsome Tyrannosaurus. While it may be an awesome addition to any collection, earning a Tyrantrum may be harder than you expect.

Pokémon GO - How to get a Tyrunt

Hatch a Tyrunt during the Adventure Week event. (Picture: Niantic)

There are a handful of methods to earning a Tyrunt in Pokémon GO and they all must be done before Adventure Week comes to an end on the 13th of June. Of the four different methods to earn a Tyrunt, three of them will involve plenty of walking.

First and foremost, Tyrunt can be earned by hatching eggs, but they need to be 7km specifically. If you have any 7km eggs from before Adventure Week started, these will also not count. They must be earned from gifts while Adventure Week is live. Even then, the Pokémon you won't be guaranteed.

Beyond relying on eggs, you can take part in some of the research within Adventure Week. Field Research tasks are a great way to earn Tyrunt, and two specific challenges have a high chance of an encounter. Look for the Field Research described with walking 5km or spinning 25 PokéStops.

Completing the "Earn 5 candies exploring with your buddy" will also provide an encounter. This challenge is part of the limited Adventure Week challenges that anyone can complete. This could translate to about 10-15km of walking for a completed challenge.

On Sunday before Adventure Week ends, there will be a boost that ensures more Tyrunt appearances in the wild. These appearances will be limited to Research Day on the 12th of June, so the period will be very limited.

Pokémon GO - How to evolve Tyrunt into Tyrantrum

Earn at least 50 candies to get your own Tyrantrum. (Picture: Niantic)

Like nearly every other Fossil Pokémon in Pokémon GO, the second form will require 50 candies in total to earn, That typically means catching about 17 different Tyrunts without any boosts or full transfers. There is no third form to worry about in this case.

The catch with Tyrantrum though is that the evolution must occur during the day. Once the time reaches around 6 pm or 7 pm, the evolution will no longer be possible. Luckily, that's a huge daily window to complete the process.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.