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Rainbow Six Siege Doktor's Curse Halloween Event Returns October 13

Ubisoft has officially launched its Rainbow Six Siege Halloween 2022 event. Find out more about the return of the limited-time mode, Doktor's Curse, below.
Rainbow Six Siege Doktor's Curse Halloween Event Returns October 13

Halloween has returned once again. With this festive and spooky season also comes the return of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s beloved limited-time mode, Doktor’s Curse. Initially launched in October 2019, the limited-time event has easily become one of the most awaited modes players can relish every year.

With it returning in 2022, players will get to participate in the deadliest game of hide-and-seek Rainbow Six Siege has ever seen. The five-versus-five mode, Doktor’s Curse, officially hits live servers on 13th October 2022. 

When Does Doktor’s Curse Start And End?

rainbow six siege limited time halloween event doktors curse commences october
Rainbow Six Siege's limited-time Halloween event, Doktor's Curse, commences on 13th October 2022.

As aforementioned, Doktor’s Curse officially launches on 13th October 2022 and will be available to play until 2nd November 2022. This event period gives players three weeks to enjoy the limited-time event, even after Halloween has concluded.

But like all limited-time events, all cosmetics and challenges will be unavailable after 2nd November 2022.

What Can Players Expect From Doktor’s Curse Halloween Event?

players three weeks play limited time event collect cosmetics
Players will have three weeks to play the limited-time event and collect all the rewards and cosmetics that come with it.

Doktor’s Curse is a five-versus-five hide-and-seek limited-time mode players can partake. The event allows players to choose between two sides comprising various Operators. Those sides are the Hunters/Exterminators and the Monsters. 

The Hunters are equipped with a sledgehammer and varying gadgets depending on which Operator is used. It’s up to the Hunters to find and seek out these Monsters and eliminate them to win the game.

Monsters can’t attack Hunters, so they must hide and survive using traps and an ability allowing them to become invisible called Nightstride. To win the game, the Monsters must completely eliminate the Hunters using various traps, hindering them or surviving until the time runs out.

For this year’s Doktor’s Curse, there’ll be a few newer Operators joining the limited-time mode. Thorn, Gridlock, Azami, and Nomad will be featured as playable options as Monsters, while Oryx will be featured as one of the newer Hunters joining the mode. Previously featured Operators like Jackal or Sledge will still be up and running during the event.

thorn azami gridlock nomad featured new monsters doktors curse
Thorn, Azami, Gridlock, and Nomad will be featured as the newest playable Monsters during Doktor's Curse 2022.

Throughout the event, players can collect cosmetics from the Doktor’s Curse collection. There’ll be available cosmetics for the newer Operators joining the limited-time mode, like Nomad and Thorn. Other cosmetic bundles from previous Doktor's Curse events will be available for purchase as well.

Players logging into Rainbow Six Siege during the event will also receive one free Doktor’s Curse pack. Three more of these packs are earnable through weekly challenges on Ubisoft Connect too.

For more information about Doktor’s Curse cosmetics, visit Ubisoft’s official website. Feel free to watch the official Doktor's Curse trailer above.

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All featured images are courtesy of Ubisoft.