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Rainbow Six Extraction PvP - is there multiplayer?

Is there PvP multiplayer in Rainbow Six Extraction? The latest entry in the Rainbow Six franchise brings epic battles between operators and alien invaders, but can you play against other players?
Rainbow Six Extraction PvP - is there multiplayer?
Rainbow Six Extraction brings an interesting twist to the Rainbow Six Siege formula.

The latest Rainbow Six game sees some of the most popular Rainbow Six Siege operators joining forces together in an effort to fight off an alien invasion.

You will be able to play as many familiar faces, including Tachanka, Jager, Fuze, Sledge, Finka, and others. In total, 18 operators will be available at launch in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Of course, their kits are not carbon copies of their R6 Siege equivalents. Rather, they are tailored towards this new format, where they are a part of an elite team on special infiltration missions deep into alien-infested zones.

Rainbow Six Extraction PvP - is there multiplayer?
Rainbow Six Extraction is predominantly designed to be a co-op experience. (Picture: Ubisoft)

As you complete these missions, operators you play will level up, get their stats improved, gain access to new loadout options and unlock powerful combat perks.

All of this is balanced around PvE co-op gameplay for up to three players but given that Rainbow Six Extraction is based on Rainbow Six Siege, which is a hard-core competitive multiplayer game, some fans are hoping that Rainbow Six Extraction will feature PvP multiplayer as well.

So, let's check out if Rainbow Six Extraction has PvP.

Is there PvP in Rainbow Six Extraction?

We will not beat around the bush here and will get straight to the point. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to test your skills against other players in Rainbow Six Extraction, you will not be able to do that, because there is no PvP multiplayer in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction PvP - is there multiplayer?
If you are looking for PvP, you will not find it in Rainbow Six Extraction. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Extraction is developed and designed to be a co-op PvE experience, and all Operators are balanced around completing co-op missions and fighting against AI aliens, not for PvP combat.

While it would be interesting to try out these new versions of operators from Rainbow Six Siege against other players, ultimately, that would probably not even be a good experience, as they are simply not designed for that.

Nonetheless, if you are worried that there will be nothing to do once you complete all the campaign missions and level up all operators, put those worries to rest.

There will be plenty of endgame content for hardcore players who want to test the limits of their skills, such as Maelstrom Protocol weekly challenges, Crisis events, and weekly assignments. All these are completely free with even some rewards once you successfully complete them (spoiler alert - it will be hard!)

So there you have it, now you know all about multiplayer in Rainbow Six Extraction - there is no PvP. At least there is full crossplay and cross-progression support

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.