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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six: Siege caster Milosh on 20-second meta: "There's too much for attackers to do right now"

Beloved caster Ghassan “Milosh” Finge has done an AMA, and he reveals some genuine opinions about the state of Siege’s Pro League scene.
Ghassan “Milosh” Finge has been casting Siege’s Pro League since May of 2017 and is beloved by the community for his input on Pro League meta and passion for the esport.

The comments on his most recent AMA vary from questions about the Pro League meta to personal queries, all the way to silly comments trash talking other casters. 

Milosh 20-second meta Rainbow Six Siege
(Credit: DreamHack)

One commenter asked Milosh about how he thinks the “20-second meta” can be fixed.

The “20 second meta” in Siege’s pro league scene refers to situations in which the Defenders put out so much utility that the Attackers have to destroy before arriving at the objective, that they only have 20 seconds left in the round.

In Pro League currently, this applies to team compositions with Mute and Mozzie to deny the Attackers intel through their drones, and operators like Goyo or Maestro, with the utility, that if unchecked, can single-handedly ruin an attacking push.

Milosh had this to say on the matter: 

“So I'd divide between 20-second meta and vitality meta, one is what we have right now and the other is 10 seconds left and all you did is open one hard wall and have been holding 2 angles for the past 2 minutes and 30 seconds.” 

Milosh distinguishes between the aforementioned “20-second meta” and the “vitality meta”, calling the previous description of the “20-second meta” instead the “vitality meta”, and reserving the “20-second meta” for when there are 20 seconds left on the clock and the attackers have accomplished near nothing over the course of the round.

He also “agree(s) that there's too much for attackers to do right now”, but that people forget this new age of the game allows Defenders to extend their effective holds far beyond the borders of the objective. Some common theories on how to combat this meta have been nerfing some of the popular operators mentioned: Removing one gadget from Mozzie, reducing the number of jammers Mute has at his disposal, but Milosh takes a different approach.

He states that while he agrees some of the suggestions put forward by the community could help, he also thinks that “removing the "Mira" rework of shields (or at least from Goyo volcans)” would be a step in the right direction, as the addition of bulletproof see-through glass on the deployable shields was a massive shift to the Defensive meta all on its own. 

Another commenter asked Milosh, “How has it been casting pro league from home? Do you prefer it in the studio?” Since the cancellation of all LAN playdays for Rainbow Six, the most popular casters for the esport have been doing their jobs casting from the comfort of their own home.

Milosh states that while casting from home has been “very comfy to say the least”, he feels casting in the studio allows him to be “way more focused on the match”. 

Amidst this pandemic, it can be comforting to see casters of various professional scenes break out from the shadows and discuss their opinions on the environment surrounding their profession. You can read the full AMA here.