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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six streamer ‘Modigga’ leaves Siege indefinitely

The popular streamer has left Siege after Evil Genuises exits Pro League.
In a YouTube video this Monday, popular Siege streamer Morquis "Modigga" Hribar has announced that he is “taking a break from Siege indefinitely”.

He states in his video that he hasn’t played the game in two weeks, largely due to the massive influx of cheaters the game has seen this season, and thus has run out of clips for his YouTube channel. 

In addition to Modigga stating that he just “doesn’t enjoy the game right now”, he also mentions the topic of him being unemployed through Pro League, due to Evil Geniuses’ split with Ubisoft.



As of now, no members of the roster have been able to find organizations to pick up the team (to his knowledge), and Modigga emphasizes that he does not want to go through Challenger League again in order to qualify for Pro League. 

The video itself gives off the distinct impression of disdain on his part, and he largely has every right to be.

Ubisoft has been under fire as of late for a plethora of issues, many of which relate to an apparent lack of communication with their professional players and teams.

Luminosity Gaming’s roster called out Ubisoft for their behaviour via Twitter, Ubisoft removed developer skins from former employees, the Siege community as a whole has been up in arms about the rather broken state of the game and hackers have been running rampant with upper-MMR lobbies in ranked for a large portion of the season.

With no communication from Ubisoft and the game’s player base falling in numbers, we can only wait and see what is next from Ubisoft.