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Rainbow Six Siege
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Tachanka rework arrives on Rainbow Six Siege test server tomorrow, adds Withstand ability

Ubisoft has detailed what to expect from Tachanka’s rework for Rainbow Six Siege, in what hopes to make the meme king into a competitive operator.
Tachanka’s rework has been showcased for Rainbow Six Siege, which will go live Thursday 8th October on the PC test server. 

Ubisoft debuted the new rework in a gameplay presentation, outlining how they aimed to turn Tachanka into a competitive option over the Siege meme king he’s become. 

So what’s included? Tachanka’s new loadout turns his previous LMG turret into a mobile weapon, which can tear apart soft walls and create openings for the team. 

This is coupled with new gadget the Shumika grenade launcher, which shoots incendiary grenades to cause pools of fire - allowing players to block off entry-points or make certain corridors more perilous. 

Tachanka's new loadout (Picture: Ubisoft) 

Perhaps the most controversial addition is Tachanka now has Zofia’s Withstand ability, allowing him to revive himself once when downed with 1 HP. 

Whether Tachanka will become a more competitive viable operator from this rework remains to be seen, although the changes look like fun additions at least - even if many might mourn the loss of Siege’s “joke” operator. 

The Tachanka rework will be live on the PC test server from Thursday 8th October. While a full release date wasn’t announced, Ubisoft stated it would arrive during Operation Shadow Legacy