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Redfall: Where To Find Addison's Lab Key

Here's how you can get Dr. Addison's Lab Key in Redfall.
Redfall: Where To Find Addison's Lab Key

The House of Echoes is one of the best missions in Redfall, thanks to its intriguing backdrop. It lets you explore Dr. Addision's mansion, a place lost in time that pays homage to the Crack in the Slab mission from Dishonored 2. 

While exploring the mansion, you will be tasked with searching various objects, including Addison's Lab Key, which in our opinion, is more confusing to locate than other items. As such, here's our guide, which explains where to find Addison's Lab Key in Redfall. 

How to Get Addison's Lab Key in Redfall

addison lab key location
Addison's Lab Key is in the greenhouse outside the mansion. (Picture: Shreyansh / Arkane)

You can find Addison's Lab Key in the greenhouse outside the mansion. It's right where you find one of the three missing dolls for Amelia. However, this time around, you have to explore the greenhouse after entering the alternate dimension. 

As mentioned previously, it's a bit tricky to locate since the game doesn't hint about the key being outside the house. Once you have entered the dollhouse, make your way to the ground floor and go outside.

addison lab keys
Grab the key from the greenhouse in the alternate dimension. (Picture: Shreyansh / Arkane)

Now, instead of going inside the greenhouse, go to the back and enter through the door. You will find Addison's Lab Key sitting on a flower bed. Take it and go back to the house. If you haven't located the lab yet, know that it's on the ground floor of the mansion. 

Use the key to enter Dr. Addison's Lab and progress the House of Echoes' main quest in Redfall.