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Redfall: Which Character Is Best?

We briefly touch upon the abilities and associated playstyles of every playable character in Redfall at launch.
Redfall: Which Character Is Best?

In Redfall, the co-op open world fps from the minds behind Dishonored and Prey, players can choose between four playable characters. They are Layla, Dev, Remi, and Jacob.  Like Corvo and Emily in Dishonored games, the characters in Redfall possess unique abilities and skill trees that favor different playstyles. Players can't, however, switch between characters during the campaign, so it's best to go with the one whose abilities and associated gameplay style resonate with them the most. As such, here's our guide, which gives an overview of every playable character in Redfall at launch. 

Which Redfall Character Should You Pick?

Layla Ellison

Layla is the most balanced character of all with both defensive and offensive maneuvers. The Umbrella skill lets her absorb enemy attacks and unload them back at enemies in the form of psychic blasts that deal a ton of damage. Her Lift ability allows her to launch herself in the air, thus making her more agile. Layla's super ability allows her to summon her vampire ex-boyfriend, who not just deals massive damage but can also heal Layla and her companions. 

Devinder Crousley

Dev's abilities focus on dealing AOE damage and are more suited to someone who prefers more aggressive in-your-face playstyles. Players can use his Arc-Javelin ability to electrify a group of enemies, whereas they can use his Blacklight ability to turn vampires into dust.

 Additionally, Dev's Translocate ability (which works vaguely similar to Dishonored's Blink and Far Reach) allows him to teleport short distances and get an advantage over enemies. 

Jacob Boyer

Jacob is the Sniper of the group who's more suited to someone who prefers a long-ranged, stealthy, and methodical gameplay style. Jacob has a Raven who can mark enemies and take them down. His Cloak ability allows him to become invisible and take advantage of the many environmental hazards with ease. Most importantly, Jacob's ultimate ability, Heartstopper,  lets him auto-target and kill a group of enemies using a Sniper rifle.

Remi De La Rosa

Remi is the support/healer character that also deals AOE damage. She has a cute little bot named Bribón, who can distract enemies and heal Remi and her teammates. Speaking of healing, Remi can use her Mobilize ability to create a healing portal that can heal nearby allies. On the offensive side, Remi has a C4 Charge ability, which, as the name suggests, lets her throw C4s to cause explosions and take out groups of enemies.