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Redfall Devinder Build: Best Skills, Abilities and More

Here's how to craft the best build for Devinder in Redfall.
Redfall Devinder Build: Best Skills, Abilities and More

Out of all the playable characters in Redfall, Devinder is the most suited for solo play. It's because his abilities are more centered on dealing AOE damage, which becomes especially important in late-game exploration and missions. 

Like Layla, Remi, and Jacob, Devinder also has two unique active abilities and an ultimate ability that you unlock after reaching a certain character level. Below you can find our best build guide for Devinder in Redfall, which describes all the best skills you must unlock to make him the most powerful among all the vampire slayers. 

All of Devinder's abilities explained in Redfall 

First, before we delve into the best skills to unlock for Devinder, here's a quick overview of his three core abilities:

  • Power 1 - Arc Javelin: Throws a Javelin that does AOE electric damage to enemies. 
  • Power 2 - Translocate: Throws a Translocation device that lets him teleport from one place to another
  • ULT - Blacklight: Slams down an electric device that emits UV rays and freezes vampires, and stuns human enemies. 
best skills devinder
Here are the best skills you should unlock for Devinder. (Picture: Arkane)

Devinder's best early skills to unlock in Redfall

  • Lumen Intensity: Increases the radius of Blacklight’s effects.
  • Shock Lance: When the Arc Javelin hits an enemy it releases an immediate electrical pulse.
  • Ambient Recharge: Translocate recharges faster.
  • Go Get'em Dev: For a few seconds after an enemy first notices Devinder, Devinder deals additional firearm and melee damage.
  • Quick Recovery 1: Increase the amount of health regenerated when low.

Like other characters, Devinder's abilities take a while to recharge. As such, it's best to get the Ambient Recharge upgrade early on, as it decreases the cooldown rate of the Translocate ability. 

You're going to get swarmed by vampires sooner or later in Redfall, so it's best to be prepared and unlock the Lumen Intensity skill early, as it increases the range of Blacklight's effects. It will allow you to take out even more vampires, and that's a good thing, right?

The Arc Javelin is Devinder's only offensive ability, and you can make it more effective by getting the Shock Lance skill. It will allow the Arc Javelin to emit an electric pulse every time it hits an enemy. 

Devinder's abilities make him a frontline character, whether you play solo or co-op. With skills like Go Get'em Dev, you can deal additional firearm and melee damage. Being in the frontline will also make you susceptible to enemy attacks, which is why you should also get the Quick Recovery 1 upgrade as soon as possible. 

devinder abilities
Devinder can use his Backlight ability to freeze vampires and stun human enemies. (Picture: Arkane)

Devinder's best late-game skills to unlock in Redfall

  • Just Physics: Any enemy hit by the Arc Javelin takes significant damage.
  • Energy Redistribution: Blacklight lasts longer.
  • Energize: You and any allies in range of the Arc Javelin deal additional electricity damage on firearm or melee attacks.
  • Lightning Storm: When an enemy is hit by the electrical pulse an additional electrical bolt now chains to other enemies. Electrical pulse range and damage are increased. Arc Javelin’s duration is improved.
  • Night Hunter: Devinder’s firearm and melee attacks cause vampires to go into their vulnerable state sooner and stay vulnerable longer.
  • Quick Recovery II: Further increase the amount of health regenerated when low.

Improving upon Shock Lance, the Just Physics skill will let you deal additional damage to enemies hit by the Arc Javelin. It's in addition to Shock Lance's electric pulse and really amps damage output for your character. You can also synergize this with the Lightning Storm skill, which releases an additional electric bolt that chains to other enemies every time you hit an enemy with the Arc Javelin. 

Speaking of additional damage, the Energize skill will let you and your allies deal bonus electric damage using firearms and melee attacks. It's incredibly useful when playing through some late-game activities where groups of vampires attack you more frequently. 

Vampire Nests are swarming with vampires and taking them down solo can be tedious. As such, we recommend getting the Night Hunter skill which makes vampires more vulnerable to your firearm and melee attacks. Pretty sweet, right? It's also best to get the Quick Recovery 2 upgrade since it further increases the amount of health you regenerate and lets you survive longer in this vampire invasion. 

Unlocking these skills should let you craft the best Devinder build in Redfall.