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How To Get Lockpicks In Redfall

Open any door and claim the treasures inside with this guide explaining how to get lock picks in Redfall.
How To Get Lockpicks In Redfall

Redfall is the latest game from Arkane Studios, the developers behind Prey and Dishonored, and one critical aspect of this game is its open world and exploration. As you explore, you'll likely come across a few locked doors, and to get through them, you'll need lockpicks. 

So if you're gearing up for your first few runs of this new open-world co-op FPS, and need some lockpicks to help you through, then this guide is for you. Below we'll be showing you how to get lockpicks easily in Redfall. 

How to Get Lockpicks in Redfall

Thankfully, finding lockpicks in Redfall isn't as hard as you may think. They are found almost as soon as you load into the game with toolboxes, bags, and other containers that have a chance to spawn them 

Redfall How To Get Lockpicks Mainly random locations
Lockpicks can be found throughout the world if you know where to look. (Picture: YouTube / Vulkan)

This can be a bit random though, considering their spawns in these containers are random and don't guarantee that many lockpicks. The most often place that you'll find them in the game is in specific buildings. 

The main building would be in the Lost and Found shops, such as the one that can be found near the Reverend in the firehouse. They can also spawn in other buildings and safe houses, so be sure to search each area and building you find for these useful items. 

Redfall How To Get Lockpicks Can be random but mainly in buildings and lost and found
Lockpicks can be randomly placed, but they will mostly be in bags, crates, boxes, and the Lost and Found shops. (Picture: YouTube / Vulkan)

Lockpicks in Redfall give you access to hidden locations and routes, letting you traverse the map and tactically engage with the vampires roaming around the map. So make sure you have enough of them on your person to take advantage of these uses in your next session. 

One thing to note is that you can also purchase the Lockpicks if you want, but this will require some funds so be sure to loot as much as you can to build up your stores. All in all, regardless of your approach to getting lock picks, we recommend that you prioritize them. 

Redfall How To Get Lockpicks Uses
Lockpicks are used to open doors throughout the world and claim the valuables inside. (Picture: YouTube / Vulkan)

Having a lockpick in your inventory can be the difference between picking up a sweet gun, a useful item, or even a path to outflanking the encroaching vampire threat. So there you have it, everything you need to know to get lockpicks in Redfall.