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Redfall Layla Build: Best Skills, Abilities and More

Here's how to craft the best build for Layla in Redfall.
Redfall Layla Build: Best Skills, Abilities and More

Layla is one of the four playable characters in Redfall. Like other characters, she has two active abilities and an ultimate ability, which she can use in combat and traversal. Every character has a different playstyle, and Layla's skills make her more of the run-and-gun type. Below you can find our best build guide for Layla in Redfall, which pinpoints the best skills you must unlock to unleash her full potential. 

layla redfall
Layla can summon a telekinetic shield that absorbs damage and shoots it back at enemies. (Picture: Arkane)

All of Layla's Abilities Explained in Redfall

First, before we delve into the best skills to unlock for Layla, here's a quick overview of her three core abilities:

  • Power 1 - Lift: Summons a telekinetic lift for you and your allies to use to reach high places and throw vampires in the air. 
  • Power 2 - Umbrella: Summons a telekinetic shield that absorbs damage and shoots it back at enemies. 
  • ULT - Vampire Ex-Boyfriend: Summons Layla's Ex-Boyfriend to briefly fight by your side. 

Layla's Best Early Skills to Unlock in Redfall

  • Quick Recovery: Increase the amount of health regenerated when low.
  • Rain Collector: Damage done to the Umbrella refills Layla’s standard ammunition.
  • Psychic Sharpening: You and allies using your lifts gain a bullet damage boost while in mid-air.
  • Time After Time: Jason fights for longer before leaving.
  • Telekiwhatsis: Layla takes less damage from Death Mist, Fires, and Electrical Hazards.

Like Devinder, Layla is a frontline character who will be running, gunning, and staking vampires as they come. While she can deal a ton of damage, she can also take a lot of damage, so it's best to get the Quick Recovery 1 upgrade at the earliest for increased health regeneration. Also, since we are it, I would recommend getting the Telekiwhatsis upgrade as well since it reduces elemental damage. 

For some inexplicable reason, there's an immense scarcity of ammo in Redfall. Whether you play as Layla or someone else, often you will run out of ammo. Fortunately, only Layla can unlock a skill that lets her gain ammo. With the Rain Collector upgrade, any damage done to the Umbrella will refill Layla's standard ammo.

Layla's lift ability is great for gaining an advantage over enemies. You can make it more useful by unlocking the Psychic Sharpening skill that gives you and your allies a bullet damage boost while in mid-air. 

Sadly, Layla's ultimate ability, her vampire ex-boyfriend, isn't as effective as Jacob's Heartstopper. Thankfully, you can improve it to some extent by unlocking the Time after Time skill. It will allow Jason, the ex-boyfriend, to stay longer on the battlefield. 

redfall layla skills
Here are the best Layla skills you should unlock. (Picture: Shreyansh / Arkane)

Layla's Best Late-game Skills to Unlock in Redfall

  • Quick Recovery II: Further increase the amount of health regenerated when low.
  • Passenger Resonance: You and allies entering your lifts cause a psychic shockwave, staggering nearby enemies.
  • Wrecking Ball: Jason’s attacks deal more damage.
  • Thunderhead: Enemies hit by the Umbrella blast now trigger psychic explosions. Umbrella can absorb more damage and Umbrella blast damage is increased.
  • Go Your Own Way: Jason’s attacks now heal Layla and all allies near her for a percentage of the damage inflicted. Jason’s damage, number of attacks, and attack range are all improved.
  • Sensitive: When Layla picks up an orb of Psychic Residue, she gains a bonus amount of Psychic Residue.

    Halfway through the story, you start to face more groups of enemies that chuck away at your health rather quickly. As such, it's best to get the Quick Recovery 2 upgrade as soon as possible for increased health regeneration. 

    The Lift is a great traversal ability, but you can make it offensive by getting the Passenger Resonance skill. It will allow you and your allies to emit psychic shockwaves when using the Lift, which will then stagger nearby enemies. It's especially useful against Bellwether military soldiers that you start facing halfway through the story. 

    If you're still not satisfied with Layla's ultimate ability, we recommend getting the Wrecking Ball and Go Your Own Way skills sooner rather than later. The former increases the damage dealt by Jason's attacks, whereas the latter allows his attacks to heal you and your allies while increasing the attacks' number, range, and damage. 

    Unlike Devinder and Jacob, you can't use a skill to decrease the cooldown rate of your regular abilities. However, you can use the Sensitive skill to decrease the cooldown rate of your ultimate. With this skill, you gain bonus Psychic Residue every time you pick up an orb of Psychic Residue.

    Speaking of abilities, you can make your Umbrella ability more powerful by unlocking the Thunderhead skill. Thanks to this, enemies hit by the Umbrella blast will now trigger psychic explosions. Additionally, your Umbrella will absorb more damage, and the Umbrella blast damage will also be increased. 

    Unlocking these skills should let you craft the best Layla build in Redfall.