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Remnant 2 Relics Explained

Here's everything players need to know about Relics and Relic Fragments in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 Relics Explained

Remnant 2 offers plenty of ways for players to craft their ideal build. The Dual Archetype system can allow players to craft hybrid builds with healing and DPS abilities. There are also Relics; valuable items that can improve the potency of a build. 

Gunfire Games has revealed a ton of information about Relics and Relic Charges and how they factor into buildcrafting in the game. Without further ado, let's dive into everything players need to know about Relics in Remnant 2. 

What Are Relics In Remnant 2?

relics remnant 2
Relics can self-heal in a variety of ways. (Picture: Youtube - Remnant 2)

Simply put, Relics in Remnant 2 are consumables players can use to heal and gain other passive bonuses. For instance, the Dragon Heart Relic provides healing over time. Other Relics confirmed so far are Bleed Heart and Scrap Heart. 

Relics use Relic Charges to heal. Every Relic has a limited number of charges which players can utilize in combat. As of this writing, there's no word on how to regain Relic Charges, but we assume it will either replenish over time or the player has to do certain things in combat to gain them.
Some Archetypes can even increase the potency of Relics. For example, the Benevolence Perk of the Medic Archetype can increase  Relic efficiency by 15%. 

What Are Relic Fragments In Remnant 2?

relic fragments
Relic Fragments provide passive buffs. (Picture: Youtube - Remnant 2)

Relic Fragments provide passive buffs like increased ranged critical damage, stagger damage, melee damage, and more. Every Relic has three Relic Fragments slots, and players use these to make their build more powerful. 

Players can't upgrade Relic Fragments, but they can gain more powerful versions of their existing ones in the world. These will be automatically equipped, so players don't have to spend time swapping Relic Fragments every now and then. The older Relic Fragments will be converted into Relic Dust, which players can exchange at an item vendor for higher stats Fragments. 

That's everything players need to know about Relics and Relic Fragments in Remnant 2.