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Best and craziest RE: Village mods ft. Fly removal and Baby Chris Redfield

Improve your game experience or make it more bizarre with some of the best mods found around NexusMods.
Best and craziest RE: Village mods ft. Fly removal and Baby Chris Redfield

After a more than successful launch by Capcom this past weekend, Resident Evil: Village has become one of the best games of the year marking a monumental comeback for the survival horror franchise, with an enigmatic setting and characters with great presence.

And while all the players are dealing with the main bosses of the game and especially Lady Dimitrescu, dozens of modders have been in charge of bringing new ideas for the game into a reality, bringing a more enjoyable or fun experience to this title, so here we bring you some of the best and craziest found within the well-known platform, NexusMods.

Customizable FoV and Vignette Fix

One thing that has been constant within the last instalments of Resident Evil has been the locked FoV and vignette coverage, something that has caused a little trouble among the players due to the motion sickness it can cause among the chasing and action of the game.

best Resident Evil 8 Village mods(Picture: Capcom / NexusMods)

Thankfully, “Mace ya face” has created an answer against this by making a useful mod that allows players to customize their FoV, allowing you to get a better experience around your screen while also coming with vignette sliders to update this in real-time.

With separate sliders for everything and even an auto-saving in its options, this is the most downloaded mod at the moment with nearly 19,000 downloads. You can find it and try it yourself through this link.

Daughters Flies Removal

best Resident Evil 8 Village mods(Picture: Capcom / NexusMods)

Even if it is a very simple mod, this has been one of the most requested from the players as this gets rid of the infinite flies around the daughters of Dimitrescu, so you can get a better look at Bela, Cassandra and Daniela in all their majesty.

Currently sitting at 1,824 downloads and created by Raq, you can get your hands on it through this download link.

Ada Wong as Lady Dimitrescu

best Resident Evil 8 Village mods(Picture: Capcom / NexusMods)

Some of the favourites around the RE community are those which replace the face or model of a character, with one of a previous title from the franchise giving a comedic but nostalgic sense.

Started as a concept to port Ada Wong’s model into Lady Dimitrescu, and changed due to troubles with her dress, this mod brings Ada’s face from Resident Evil 2: Remake into the madame vampire along with a fantastic change to her dress, going with a characteristic red from Wong’s habitual clothes.

Baby Chris Redfield

best Resident Evil 8 Village mods(Picture: Capcom / NexusMods)

Moving onto one of the craziest ones, this mod created by JTeghius Kittius was born as a dumb joke that popped into my head, but that has transformed into one of the most memeable as it changes the head of Rose, the baby daughter of Ethan Winthers, into Chris’ head.

Going into a far stretch of the human imagination, this goes to a whole new level as the new baby’s face actually has facial animations, which goes even crazier when players realize Chris holds this same baby at the start of the game. Get your hands on this mod through this download link.

Lady Dimitrescu as Thomas the Tank Engine

Lady Dimitrescu as Thomas the Tank Engine(Picture: Capcom / NexusMods)

To close this selection it’s time to see one of the most bizarre but also common in any video game. Created by Crazy Potato and inspired by many others based on this character, this mod transforms Lady Dimitrescu’s face into Thomas the Tank Engine.

Combined with an eerie smile and unblinking stare, the result is a mix between the strange, disturbing and hilarious, which leaves no one indifferent when you have to deal with lots of monsters and creatures that go above what you can expect in this game.

Honourable mentions

Even if we can cover at all every single creation, we want to feature these ones as they can create a better, funnier and even humbler experience:

  • Knife to Fly Swatter: Replaces the Knife with a Fly Swatter, a handy tool to deal with all the flies around the witch daughters.

  • Chris over Ethan: A simple Mod that replaces Ethans in-game model with Chris Redfield (although it doesn’t work in later cutscenes where he is Full Body)

  • Duke as Dota 2's Pudge and RE4’s Merchant: A nice gag to both fat characters, these ones replace Duke's costume into the hero of Valve’s MOBA, or the well-known Merchant from the legendary Resident Evil 4.

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