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Fan-made Resident Evil Remake Using Unreal Engine 5 Begins Production

A fan-made Resident Evil 1 remake in Unreal Engine 5 is coming, and Spencer Mansion looks more beautiful and intricate than ever before.
Fan-made Resident Evil Remake Using Unreal Engine 5 Begins Production

The original Resident Evil was released by Capcom back in 1998, perhaps the best year of all time for video games. Needless to say, graphics have improved a lot since then, resulting in the release of an official remade Resident Evil 1 in 2002.

While the 2002 Resident Evil was popular with fans, graphics have improved even more in the 20 years since 2002. As such, fans have taken it upon themselves to recreate Resident Evil in Unreal Engine 5, allowing them to add intricate levels of detail to the world while accurately recreating the original Resident Evil 1.

Here is everything we currently know about the in-progress fan-made Resident Evil remake, including what will be included and when it may be released.

Fan-Made Resident Evil Remake

spencer mansion resident evil
Resident Evil's iconic Spencer Mansion will be remade in the fan-made Resident Evil 1 remake. (Picture: Capcom)

The fan-made Resident Evil remake made in Unreal Engine 5 was announced by RE Biohazard on YouTube on 12th August 2022, through a trailer posted to their channel.

The trailer showcases the iconic Spencer Mansion in modern, updated Unreal Engine 5 graphics, as well as showing off the models of Jill Valentine and multiple zombies.

The models and environment show levels of detail that the original game could never have dreamed of on the PlayStation 1 due to the platform's graphical limitations.

resident evil 1 chris redfield
In Resident Evil 1, players can take on the role of STARS members Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. (Picture: Capcom)

Developers said that the project would stay mostly true to the original, with some small changes. "The classic style of gameplay will be respected and it will be slow like the old ones," developers explained. "The project will be 100% fixed camera."

They added that an over-the-shoulder camera option would likely not be available, but could be added before the game's final release. You can view the trailer for the upcoming fan-made Resident Evil remake in 4K here:

The Resident Evil 1 fan-made remake is currently in progress, but no expected release date has been announced. Stay tuned for more updates on this project as it unfolds.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.