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Resident Evil Village
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Guide > Horror > Resident Evil Village

Best Resident Evil Village weapon: How to get M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum

A guide to finding the M1851 Wolfsbane's location, aka the Magnum revolver, which is the best weapon in Resident Evil Village.

There are several powerful weapons in Resident Evil Village for Ethan Winters to use (and upgrade) throughout the game. However, none comes even close to the best Resident Evil Village weapon in terms of pure stopping power. Yes, we are talking about the Magnum revolver, which is called the M1851 Wolfsbane in Capcom's latest and possibly one of the greatest Resident Evil titles. In this guide, we will tell you exactly where to find the M1851 Wolfsbane, pinpointing its location, as well as its stats.

How to  the M1851 Wolfsbane location

To find the M1851 Wolfsbane, you will first need to progress quite deep into the game and defeat the fish boss, aka Moreau.

Once you've taken care of Moreau, you will know you are on the right track to finding the M1851 Wolfsbane in Resident Evil Village.

Now, exit the area and take an elevator ride upwards, then head through the wooden mill. You will see a metal gate. Use the Crank found by defeating Moreau to open it.

Best resident evil village weapon gun M1851 Wolfsbane location how to get Magnum RevolverThe gate to Moreau's Lab (Picture: Capcom)

Pass through the passageway, killing the enemies in your path to reach Moreau's Lab. There are three houses, and in the last one you will come across, you will find Moreau's Hidden Weapon treasure chest.

Simply open it and claim the M1851 Wolfsbane as your own. 

Best resident evil village weapon gun M1851 Wolfsbane location how to get Magnum Revolver(Picture: Capcom)

While it is quite the mission to get Ethan's hands on the M1851 Wolfsbane, aka the Magnum revolver, it is well worth it.


M1851 Wolfsbane stats in RE Village

The M1851 Wolfsbane is the best weapon in the game when it comes to taking down bosses, as it does the most damage with a single shot.

The M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum revolver by far has the most damage (power) at 1,700, and you can upgrade it just like any other weapon in Resident Evil Village by throwing your hard-earned Lei at Duke's Emporium.

Best resident evil village weapon gun M1851 Wolfsbane location how to get Magnum Revolver(Picture: Capcom)

The M1851 Wolfsbane's base stats are:

  • Power: 1700
  • Rate of fire: 1.5
  • Reload Speed: 2.5
  • Ammo Capacity: 5

You can also add a Long Barrel attachment which increases ammo capacity at the Heisenberg's Factory location in the Operating Room after you've turned off the power. Alternatively, you can purchase it from Duke for a whopping 100,000 Lei.

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