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How to find Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village

Here’s where you’ll find easy Juicy Game on the trees of the Resident Evil Village.
How to find Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village

Being Ethan Winters can be tiring sometimes but a good meal, especially those that have lasting benefits to your playthrough and campaign, can lift your spirits (metaphorically speaking).

In this guide, you’ll learn how and where to find Juicy Game so you can give the Duke what he demands and you ultimately live a longer life with this diet for a change.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know to locate Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village.

juicy game resident evil village(Picture: Capcom)

How to find Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village

To find Juicy Game, you’ll need to head to the Graveyard marked in the map above, right next to the Maiden of War.

Make sure to turn your volume up as your preying on a bright-blue bird that will make its presence known with a loud chirping.

Once the feathery animal is located, one-shot kill it so it drops Juicy Game and pick it up so you can take it to the Duke’s Kitchen.

The Duke will require one Juicy Game, three Meat and four Poultry for the Tochitura de Pui recipe which will permanently increase your HP during the remainder of your campaign.

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