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Resident Evil Village: All cooking recipes, ingredients and effects for Duke's Kitchen

To get permanent upgrade effects in Resident Evil Village, you will need to know all of The Duke’s Kitchen recipes and the ingredients required.
Resident Evil Village: All cooking recipes, ingredients and effects for Duke's Kitchen

To increase the strength of Resident Evil Village protagonist Ethan Winters permanently, players will need to provide the NPC Duke, found in The Duke’s Emporium throughout the game (as a safe haven) so that he can cook you up some food to eat in Duke's Kitchen. In this guide, we will tell you all the ingredients required for Duke's Kitchen recipes in Resident Evil Village, as well as the permanent effects these "tasty" meals will provide the players with once consumed.

All Resident Evil Village recipes & ingredients

As you progress through the Old Town of Resident Evil Village and its various locations, you will come across fish, chickens, and a few other animals you can kill.

Once you've found some ingredients, you can head on over to The Duke's Kitchen in the Imporium. There, you can hand over the cooking ingredients to claim some permanent effects/bonuses for Ethan Winters.

Resident Evil Village duke's kitchen recipies cooking ingredients effects(Picture: Capcom)

The list below showcases all the food recipe names in Resident Evil Village, as well as the ingredients required, and the permanent effects they provide.

Herbed Fish recipe

  • Required ingredients: 3 Fish and 2 Poultry
  • Effect: Health slightly increases permanently.

Bird and Beast Pillaf recipe

  • Required ingredients: 4 Poultry and 1 Meat
  • Effect: Damage taken when guarding decreases permanently.

Three-Flavoured Mititei recipe

  • Required ingredients: 4 Fish, 2 Poultry, 3 Meat
  • Effect: Health increases permanently

Tochitura de Pui recipe

  • Ingredients required: 4 Poultry, 3 Meat and 1 Juicy Game
  • Effect: Greatly increases health permanently.

Ciorba de Porc recipe

  • Ingredients required: 1 Fish, 5 Meat, 1 Quality Meat
  • Effect: Damage taken when guarding greatly decreases permanently.

Sarmale de Peste recipe

  • Ingredients required: 6 Fish and 1 Finest Fish
  • Effect: Movement speed increases permanently.

As you can see from the permanent effects gained when completing these Resident Evil Village food recipes, taking trips to The Duke's Kitchen is definitely a worthy exercise. 

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