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Resident Evil Village
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How to open the Music Box in Resident Evil Village

Here's how you can open the Music Box in Resident Evil Village, an essential and difficult part of the Doll Workshop Mannequin puzzle.

Combining survival-horror gameplay with gunplay, stealth and puzzles, Resident Evil Village is one of the best titles in the iconic franchise from Capcom to date. A big part of Resident Evil Village is solving sometimes difficult puzzles. One of these puzzles inside the Doll Workshop will likely get players stuck for quite some time, despite trying to brute-force through it. We are talking about the Music Box in Resident Evil Village, and in this guide, we will tell you exactly how to open it.

Spoiler warning: Minor spoilers ahead since you need some details to complete the Music Box puzzle.

Resident Evil Village Music Box: How to open

As you journey through Old Town in Resident Evil Village, you will enter the House Beneviento Doll Workshop, where you will need to find several items.

At one point, after you've unlocked the padlock using the correct lock code, you will be faced with quite the difficult task: Opening the Music Box.

music box resident evil 8 village how to open get tweezers mannequin puzzle solution(Picture: Capcom)

The Music Box is themed around Ethan and Mia's wedding, and you can first interact with it using the Winding Key found earlier in the Doll Workshop Mannequin puzzle via the left leg of the Mannequin in the doll room.

To progress in the story, you will need to swap Cylinders around in the correct sequence to make the Music Box play, which will in turn open it up.

In our guide to opening the Music Box in Resident Evil Village, the numbering of the Cylinders and Slots are from left (1) to right (5).


The Music Box puzzle solution in RE Village:

  • Cylinder 2 to Slot 1
  • Cylinder 4 to Slot 2
  • Cylinder 3 to Slot 5
  • Cylinder 4 to Slot 3

Use the Winding Key on the Music Box to make the tune play, which will open it. In the Music Box, you will find Tweezers.

music box resident evil 8 village how to open get tweezers mannequin puzzle solution(Picture: Capcom)

This item can be used to get the Film stuck in the Mannequin's mouth back in the doll room. This will take you back to the Study to use the film, completing the Doll Workshop Mannequin puzzle.

YouTube channel Gamers Heroes has a quick rundown of how this Resident Evil puzzle works in the video below.

So there you have it, a quick and easy solution to opening the Music Box.

Opening the Music Box is essential to progressing in the story of Resident Evil Village, so hopefully, this guide saved you some time.

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