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Resident Evil Village
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RE: Village - How to get the Waterwheel Weapon Treasure (GM 79 grenade launcher)

Learn how to get access to the Waterwheel Weapon Treasure, just one of the many hidden guns in Resident Evil 8: Village.
Resident Evil 8: Village, like every Resident Evil title before it, is full of bone-jumping scares, bedeviling puzzles, and torturous secrets.

The game looks to tempt you with a piece of loot, a cryptic clue, and then put it just out of reach with players left unsure if they have missed a trick or simply don't have the correct keys or knowledge to know how to access the item.

One such item is the Waterwheel Weapon Treasure, which players can see on their map early on but which, at first, seems unreachable.

And it is, at first, with players needing to defeat Donna Beneviento before having the correct keys to access the area where the Waterwheel Weapon resides.

Here is how to do it.

How to get the Waterwheel Weapon Treasure (GM 79 grenade launcher)

Once you have defeated Donna Beneviento you should have both the Four-Winged Unborn Key and the Iron Insignia Key, both are necessary to get access to the Waterwheel Weapon Treasure.

You will now be on your way to face Salvatore Moreau, head south of the Altar, use the Four-Winged Unborn Key to gain access to the large fence door.

Resident Evil 8 Waterwheel weapon Treasure
(Picture: Capcom)

Once through the fence, head down the path, take a left, and go to the door of the first house you come to. It will have a gold emblem on the front.

Waterwheel treasure weapon
(Picture: Capcom)

Using the Iron Insignia Key, enter the dwelling. Directly in front of you, on a table will be the Waterwheel Weapon Treasure aka GM 79 grenade launcher.

GM 79 Grenade launcher resident evil 8
(Picture: Capcom)

It's the perfect weapon to face off against the game's next boss, the dragon-like Salvatore Moreau.


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