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Resident Evil 8: Village - How to complete Statues Puzzle (Hall of Ablution)

One of the first puzzles you will encounter in Castle Dimitrescu and one with a simple solution. Here is how to complete the Statues Puzzle.
Resident Evil 8: Village - How to complete Statues Puzzle (Hall of Ablution)

Resident Evil 8: Village, like many of the Resident Evil games before it, has its fair share of cryptic puzzles.

Usually involving keys, signs, riddles, and at the end, a broken controller, for some the puzzles simply get in the way of what we are really all here for - smashing the undead.

If you are one that feels like that, then you have come to the right place as we have the solution for one of the first puzzles you will face in Castle Dimitrescu, the Statues puzzle.

The Statue puzzle tasks you with pointing four statues in the correct direction, once they are in place, a pool of water that sits in the centre of them drains revealing a passageway.

If you are stuck on this puzzle, here is how to complete it.

Resident Evil 8: Village - Statues puzzle

In the Hall of Ablution, you will find the four statues; one of a horse, a woman, what appears to be Lady Dimitrescu, and of three men.

Resident Evil Village statues puzzle solution
(Picture: Capcom)

You can rotate these statues. To complete the puzzle these statues must be rotated to face these ways:

  • The horse must be looking towards the woman.
  • The woman must be looking towards Lady Dimitrescu.
  • Lady Dimitrescu must be looking back towards the woman.
  • The Three men must be looking towards the horse.

Once they are in place, the red water (at least we hope it's water) that sits in the centre of the statues will drain away revealing a set of stairs and, now opened, door.

Resident Evil 8: Village statue puzzle
(Picture: Capcom)

And there you have it! Another puzzle down and there are plenty more to come, check out our dedicated Resident Evil section for the latest guides to help you in your quest to find Rosemary.