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Resident Evil 8 Village: How to complete the Bells Puzzle

In a game full of puzzles, few of them are slap-your-head simple as the one that "opens" the painting of Lady Dimitrescu in the Atelier room.
Resident Evil 8 Village: How to complete the Bells Puzzle

Resident Evil 8: Village is now out and players, as Ethan Winters, are now making their way through the village and Castle Dimitrescu in the search for Ethan's kidnapped daughter, Rosemary.

The search for Rosemary is treacherous, with various forms of beasts and ghouls haunting this Romania village, but at no point is it more challenging than when faced with one of Resident Evil's iconic puzzles.

While not as difficult as those from Resident Evil's of yester-year, they can still pose a challenge, no more so than with the Bells Puzzle which once completed opens a door that sits behind a painting of Lady Dimitrscu in the Atelier room.

(Picture: Capcom)

Finding the bells can be difficult but don't worry help is at hand. Follow this guide and you will soon know what lies behind that painting.

Resident Evil 8: Village - Bells puzzle

In total there are five bells to ring, once you know where they are it isn't that difficult at all. Note: You can ring the bells in any order.

Here is where they are located:

The first is easy enough and can be seen on a table as soon as you walk through the door.

Resident Evil 8 bell puzzle lady painting atalier room
(Picture: Capcom)

Shoot it to ring it.

The second bell can be to the right of the door you just walked through, it is sitting atop some books on top of a fireplace.

Resident Evil Village 8 bell puzzle
(Picture: Capcom)

Now head up the stairs, and look through into the clock mechanism, you will see a swinging bell. Shoot it.

Bell Puzzle Atalier room
(Picture: Capcom)

Now we have the two sneaky bells and probably the reason you are on this page now. 

The fourth bell can be found sitting on top of the chandelier, you must shoot the chandelier first, and then shoot the exposed bell.

Chandelier bell
(Picture: Capcom)

Finally, look through those large windows and you will see in the garden a bell tower, that is the final bell. Shoot it and the door will begin opening.


This is just one of Resident Evil 8: Village's many puzzles, we have got solutions for many more of them in our dedicated Resident Evil section, so check it out.