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Resident Evil: Village - How to find and use the Crank

Finding and using the Crank in Resident Evil Village has stumped a fair amount of players.
Resident Evil: Village - How to find and use the Crank

Throughout your journey in Resident Evil Village, you’ll find a solid amount of Mechanical Doors that seemingly have no way of being opened. No matter how much you try and interact with them, they won’t budge. 

This is because you need a very specific item in the game known simply as the Crank. The doors will not move an inch without the item. However, finding the Crank has proven difficult in its own right. 

Luckily for anyone struggling, we’ve put together a guide of where to find the Crank and how to use it in Resident Evil Village. 

Finding the Crank in Resident Evil Village

For starters, players need to have at least reached Moreau’s area in the game. This is the area with copious amounts of slime and windmills surrounding it. To find the Crank, players need to head to Windmill Two in order to turn the first and second Windmill. 

Resident Evil Village where is crankMoreau’s area in Resident Evil Village. (Picture: Capcom)

Once you’ve reached the second Windmill, the Crank will be located in the wheel and ready for you to pick up. It will have a white arrow on it, so it’s difficult to miss. After it’s in your possession, turn the Windmills and then head back to any Mechanical Door that you know the location of. The  Crank will automatically be added to your inventory once you’ve picked it up.

where to use crank in resident evil 8 villageThe Crank in Resident Evil Village. (Picture: Capcom)

Using the Crank in Resident Evil Village

On your map, you can see the locations of various Mechanical Doors. Once you’re at one, approach it and an interact keybind will pop up, prompting you to use the Crank. This will open the door and then you can head inside. 

For an easy Mechanical Door right after you acquire the Crank, there’s one in Moreau’s area, so head there for quick access to the inside of a door.