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Resident Evil Village - Luthier's House Key and Safe Code

One of the trickier houses to get in and one that many will have remain 'red' by the end game. Here is how to get into Lucifer's house as well as how to get your hands on all the loot inside.
Resident Evil Village - Luthier's House Key and Safe Code

Resident Evil 8: Village is full of surprises, its not just the scares and the chilling storyline but it's also a game full of secret weapons, items, and collectibles that add much to the title's replayability.

It can also make the game frustrating for some, especially those that like to complete things 100%, as you can easily find yourself completing the main story and still not discovered many of the game's secrets.

One such secret is not an item as such, but an area - Luthier's House - and getting into it is proving difficult for many players. But don't worry as help is at hand, as we will not only show you how to get inside but also how open the safe situated inside as well as particularly well-hidden Yellow Quartz.

How to get inside Luthier's House in Resident Evil 8: Village

The first thing you will need to know about gaining access to Luthier's House is it's only possible once you have defeated Donna Beneviento in the House Beneviento section of the game. 

Now on your way back to the village, two houses that were previously locked will be accessible.

Luthier's house
(Picture: Capcom)

It is the house on the left as you return from house Beneviento that you will find Luthier's Key. It will be on the table as soon as you walk through the door.

Luthiers Key resident evil 8 village
(Picture: Capcom)

Now head to the west side of the village, Luthier's House is marked with one of the game's gold treasure chests.

Luthier's house location
(Picture: Capcom)

Head inside by using the key. At the back of the house is a locked cupboard that needs a code to enter. The code is a birth date you can find on the kitchen wall above the fridge. The code is: 270917

Luthier house code
(Picture: Capcom)

Once inside you will be able to get your hands on the Steel Hræsvelgr aka Steel Eagle.

steel hraesvelgr
(Picture: Capcom)

That isn't the only treasure in Luthier's House as there is also a Yellow Quartz to collect but it is a tricky one to find, but once you know...

There are a number of musical items in Luthier's House and hanging from the ceiling is a mandolin, look at the strings of the mandolin and you will see the Yellow Quartz.

Yellow Quartz Luthier
(Picture: Capcom)

Hit it with your knife, or any other weapon, and it will fall down for you to collect.


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