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How To Unlock All Badges In Roblox Ability Wars (2024)

Become an Ability Warrior by learning how to unlock every badge in Roblox Ability Wars right here!
How To Unlock All Badges In Roblox Ability Wars (2024)

Want to know how to get every badge in Roblox Ability Wars? Say no more. There are quite literally tons of unique badges for you to collect. And the best part? When you unlock them all, you'll get the coveted Ability Warrior badge, which will unlock the Hero of Justice!

But why stop there? In addition to proving your mettle, we'll also show you how to get all the emotes, too. It's a double-whammy. So, without any delay, here's how to unlock all badges in Roblox Ability Wars. Let's jump right in!

Editor's Note: This guide covers current badges in Ability Wars. Future game updates may add new badges and change requirements for existing ones. If you see something that isn't quite right, drop me a message on [email protected] and I'll sort it.

How To Get Every Badge & Emote In Roblox Ability Wars

The table below details all the current badges in Ability Wars. We've tried to be as concise as possible to reduce the amount of waffling. However, some badges are a little more complicated, so we may have dedicated guides for them in the future.

Badge Name How to Obtain Emote
Cake Grab Cake from the roof of the lobby using Gravity. N/A
Backrooms Find and stand in one of the far corners of the Cave. N/A
Boing Jump on a Mushroom in the game. N/A
Astral Realm

Enter the Astral Dimension. To do this, collect a key from one of five locations and use it on the wall on the right side of The Pool area. The locations are:

  • Behind the counter of The Shop
  • Between the tree roots of the Big Tree
  • By the tree above Mystic Mountain.
  • On the shelf behind the potions in The Shop's Attic
  • Behind the Inventor's chair in the secret room
Ultimate Slayer of the Galaxy: Conqueror of Gods Click on Jinx the Cat in The Shop's Attack 100 times with a 2-second cooldown between clicks. You must do this in 1 life. California
Cultivate Equip Tree and then grow 20 fruits. Then, go to the Cave and fill the altar with the fruit to create a Fruit Catalyst. Next, take the Fruit Catalyst to The Pool and jump into the water while holding it. Boyz
Grocery Shopping

As a spectator, collect Pizza, Cake, and Burger in the game in 1 life. To get the Burger at the bottom of the map, you'll need to use E to stop yourself from falling and Q to move up to the lobby to get the Cake. You can find Pizza in the Cave.

True Blood God Enter and beat a Blood God in their realm. N/A
Moonist Equip Gravity and then find someone who also has Gravity equipped. Use the ability on each other while the Operator quest is equipped to unlock the badge. N/A
Overcharged Get overcharged while magnetizing someone in a private server. Wave
Hero Wait near the edges and knock someone off. Trollin
Alchemist Jump into a pot in The Shop's Attack with Glue's Q activated, then add Cake and Soap to the pot. Spookez
Gelatinous Grab gel from the Big Tree using Plant and put it into the cauldron in The Shop's Attic. Then, jump in as Mushroom and use Slim on the pot. Swagtivitiy
Ascend Use Lemon at the corner of the map nearest the Big Tree and stand on a pedestal. Mine
Mystical Collect 15 souls, go to the Mystic Cave, sacrifice the souls, and use the orb that appears. Penguin
100 Collect 100 souls as Devour of Souls in a public server. Spamton
Spotless Hit 25 people with Soap. Flop
Champion Enter and win a tournament. N/A
Raider Enter team battles and plant a bomb. Cupcakes
Slayer Deal the most damage to a boss. Monstermash
Tree Master Deal the most damage to the Tree Lord boss. Shuffle
Defender Participate in a Waves event and stay alive until the Scarecrow dies. Shuba
Machinist Kill a friend five times in a private server with Bionic. Chipi
Inventor Grab the Inventor glove from the secret room and kill a friend 20 times in a private server. Chronoshift
Warrior Kill a friend ten times with Robot in a private server. Kazotsky
Leader of the Hive Be part of a Hive Mind with five or more minions alive. You can also get the Operator badge if you are the Hivemind infecting other players. Gaster

To get Operator, you need to complete all ten Floppa quests:

  • Buy Kick from The Shop (free)
  • Knock someone off the map into the Void
  • Find the backrooms
  • Kill someone with Boomerang
  • Unlock the Moonist badge
  • Blow someone up with Cake
  • Defeat a boss using Deflect
  • Trap and kill two people using Robot
  • Infect five players with Hivemind
  • Achieve a 300 streak.
Ability Warrior Collect all other badges. Trophy
Brickbattler (NEW) Use Time's Q ability while holding Pizza and survive the multiple waves of enemies in the Crossroads mini-game.  N/A

And that's a wrap! That concludes our guide on unlocking every badge in Roblox Ability Wars. We really hope you found our table useful.