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Anime Adventures DPS Tier List

If you want to have maximum damage in Anime Adventures, our DPS tier list should help you out!
Anime Adventures DPS Tier List

Do you want to have the absolute strongest units while playing Anime Adventures? Well, look no further! For any newcomers, this game allows you to place various anime characters on a board for a Tower Defense game.

Because you can only use so many units, having the strongest ones available is essential! That is why we have this shiny new tier list to help you out. Here, we will go over the best DPS units players can use in Anime Adventures.

Who Are The Best Anime Adventures DPS Characters?

roblox anime adventures dps 2 size

There are a lot of different roles that each unit can have in Anime Adventures. The basics are that there are DPS units and Support units. The DPS units are generally broken down into Ground, Hybrid, or Hill units (these are highly preferred).

Although that is the case, we have a more general DPS list for you. So long as you use the DPS units from our list, you can clear out the waves easily. With that being said, here is our DPS tier list for Infinite Mode in Anime Adventures:

S-Tier Sosuke (Eternal), Griffin (Darkness), Guts (Beserk), Anz (Overlord), Alucard (Unholy King), Hido (Immortal Butcher), Stain (Hero Slayer), Endeavor (Hellflame), Itochi (Susanoo), Asushi (Moonlight Beast), Gas (Toxic), Noruto (Six Tails), Shigaruko (Symbol of Fear), Daky (Obi), Roger (Pirate King)
A-Tier Gilgamesh (King of Heroes), Pride (The One), Zid (Shadow), Poseidon (Tyrant of the Seas), Aizo (Final), Tango (God of Flashiness), Archer (Heroic Spirit), Komon (Paper Angel), Hinamy (Yotsume), Chyuo (Corruption), Luffo (Gear IV), Medae (Witch of Betrayal), Demiurge (Demon Emperor), Golden Freezo (Emperor), Conrod (Wizard King), Usoap (God), Saber (Promised Sword), Albedo (Overseer), Izu (Demon Snow), Lancer (Child of Light), Illy (Homunculus), Aku (Rashamon), Senbodu (Buddha), Flamingo (Awakened), Kiroto (Dual), Heathcliff (Admin), Avdo (Magician's Red), Skull Knight (King), Josuka (Unbreakable)

Best DPS In Anime Adventures For Story And Raid Fights

roblox anime adventures dps 3 size

A lot of the time, players tend to stick with Infinite mode because it will last the longest. But there is a story mode, raid fights, portals, and more for players to check out. These tend to be much shorter fights, and because of that, the DPS tier list will be different!

So, do you want to see the DPS tier list for non-infinite fights in Anime Adventures? Of course you do! Remember that although some units might not be in the S-Tier, that does not mean they are not good!

Here is our non-infinite DPS tier list for Anime Adventures:

S-Tier Usoap (God), Homuru (Time Traveller), Gilgamesh (King of Heroes), Komon (Paper Angel), Hinamy (Yotsume), Archer (Heroic Spirit), Chuyo (Corruption), Medae (Witch of Betrayal), Luffo (Gear IV), Poseidon (Tyrant of the Seas), Harribu (Shark Empress), Narbera (Battle Maid), Sosuke (Eternal), Stain (Hero Slayer), Hido (Immortal Butcher), Lancer (Child of Light), Asushi (Moonlight Beast), Saber (Promised Sword), Noruto (Six Tails), Alucard (Unholy King), Roger (Pirate King), Illy (Homunculus), Izu (Demon Snow), Heathcliff (Admin), Kiro (Bites the Dust), Kiroto (Dual), Sayako (Sapphire Blade), Asuno (Flash)
A-Tier Pain (Divine), Fuji (Admiral), Metal Knight (Arsenal), Golden Freezo (Emperor), Demiurge (Demon Emperor), Guts (Beserk), Mamy (Holy), Conrod (Wizard King), Zid (Shadow), Tango (God of Flashiness), Pride (The One), Anz (Overlord), Gas (Toxic), Senbodu (Buddha), Albedo (Overseer), Skull Knight (King), Aku (Rashamon), Greed (Hunt), Evileye (Landfall), Saby (Flame Emperor), Kizume (Tailless Beast), Rohon (Artist), Josuka (Unbreakable), Endeavor (Hellflame), Flamingo (Awakened), Avdo (Magician's Red), Daky (Obi), Gyutaru (Moon), Itochi (Susanoo)

We want to thank Aqua is Sad on YouTube for their video! For a detailed analysis, watch their video and consider subscribing if you haven't already!