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New Anime Last Stand Update 2 Patch Notes

Find the patch notes showcasing all the new additions and content for the latest Anime Last Stand update 2 in Roblox!
New Anime Last Stand Update 2 Patch Notes
Anime Last Stand

Any Anime Last Stand (ALS) player worth their salt will want to stay up-to-date with the game's latest changes and fixes. That's where the latest ALS update patch notes in Roblox come into play.

Join us, enjoyers of the fantastic anime-inspired tower defense title, as we detail the newest Anime Last Stand update with the most complete patch notes we can find!

Please note: This article is consistently updated to bring you the latest details, so check back soon if you believe ALS has received another update. We'll do the heavy lifting and find the patch notes!

Update on 26 February 2024: We've updated this article with the Anime Last Stand Update 2 patch notes!

Anime Last Stand Update 2 Patch Notes

Anime Last Stand ALS roblox update patch notes changes fixes latest new
Don't mind us...just waiting here with a creepy smile until the devs drop the new Anime Last Stand patch notes...(Picture: Wessel)

The latest Anime Last Stand patch is Update 2, according to the popular Roblox title's official Trello board. We also scouted the Discord server to make sure you have the most accurate details at hand. 

Every Anime Last Stand update either adds some content, fixes some bugs, or even reworks characters! Below, you will find the ALS Update 2 patch notes:

  • New Portals with 4 Secret Units!
  • Get portals from Infinite Mode Bosses!
  • New QoL features!
  • New Evolutions!
  • More units (TBC)

You'll find a list of previous Anime Last Stand updates and their patch notes below. Click on the update to expand it, just so you have some historical records of all the changes since the release of Anime Last Stand in Roblox.

ALS Update 0.1 Patch Notes
  • Yammamoto Rework
  • Roy Mustang Rework
  • Added Vegata Rare Air Unit
  • Leaderboards only count on nightmare now
  • Fixed Water Park Inf wave 5 bug
  • Fixed air unit issue with hollow world
  • Made it very difficult to tiny task namek
ALS Official Release

No patch notes are available.

So there you have it, the latest Anime Last Stand update's patch notes, so you know about all the changes and fixes to this extremely popular Roblox tower defense title. As more updates get pushed out, we will endeavor to update this article with haste, so stay tuned!