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Blox Fruits Dragon Fruit Rework Release Date

Are you wondering when the Dragon Fruit rework will come out in Blox Fruits? Find the answers in this guide!
Blox Fruits Dragon Fruit Rework Release Date
Roblox / Blox Fruits

When is the Blox Fruits Dragon Fruit rework release date? That's a great question! This powerful Fruit is receiving an overhaul, making its potent AoE and Instinct Breaking moveset even more overpowered in the next Blox Fruits update!

As a result, players have been flooding Google with search phrases like "Dragon rework Blox Fruits release date" and related queries in desperate search of an answer! And that's where we come in—find everything about the Dragon Fruit rework right here!

Updated on 28 February 2024:  The Dragon Fruit rework and new Angel Fighting Style will probably not come out in the Valentine's Update in Blox Fruits. To note, the developers have NOT confirmed anything yet. So take this information with a pinch of salt.

What Is Dragon Fruit Rework Release Date In Blox Fruits?

Right now, there is no confirmed release date for the Dragon Fruit rework in Blox Fruits. What is certain, though, is that the revised version of this Mythical Beast-type Fruit will come out in Part 2 of the Blox Fruits Winter Update (possibly over the next few weeks).

That said, it's worth pointing out that the new Dragon Fruit rework was supposed to come out late last year (according to the roadmap) but was supposedly delayed due to "copyright issues." This is not true. Instead, it's likely just due to developmental setbacks (more on that later).

For the sake of prosperity, you can refer to the countdown timer below—it ticks down to 14 March 2024. Note that I've readjusted this date again because, at the end of February, there was still no Dragon Fruit rework released in Blox Fruits, nor was there an update for Valentine's Day.

I will continue to revise this timer until such time a concrete date is announced.

Blox Fruits Dragon Fruit rework should come out in about
14 days, 04:22:22

What Is The Dragon Fruit Rework In Blox Fruits?

The Dragon Fruit will be overhauled in Blox Fruits Update 23 (or Part 2 of the Winter Update), which many players are super excited about. Nobody knows exactly what the rework will entail—however, we can guess that it will include a completely new model and moveset.

Leaks claim this will be the most expensive Fruit yet—more so than Kitsune! The leaked Blox Fruits Game Pass suggests that the Blox Fruits Dragon Fruit rework will cost 5,000 Robux or 10 million Beli (ouch!), potentially making it the highest-value Fruit in the game.

dragon fruit leak blox fruits

In addition to the Dragon Fruit rework in Blox Fruits, the developers plan to release the new Angel Fighting Style in the next update (see timestamp 2:30 in the video above for a sneak peek). It's clear that much work has been done to finalize the new fighting style, but perhaps the same can't be said about the Dragon Fruit rework (hence the delay). 

That's everything you need to know about when the Dragon Fruit rework will come out in Blox Fruits. We will endeavor to update this page with more details soon.