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Blox Fruits Race Tier List (2024) - Best Races Ranked

What is the best race in Blox Fruits? Great question—find the answer and more in our race tier list!
Blox Fruits Race Tier List (2024) - Best Races Ranked
Blox Fruits

Looking for the best race in Blox Fruits? Keep reading! As you sail through the different Seas, you'll quickly realize that choosing the perfect race becomes key to embracing the full extent of your character's strength and synergy with your overall playstyle.

But—with so many options, which race should you choose? In our Blox Fruits race tier list, we've ranked every race from the absolute best to the not-so-great, giving you the guidance you need to catapult your character to new heights of power and prestige.

Note: Blox Fruits Update 22 is expected to come out very soon. Be sure to check out our dedicated hub for more information, as well as our pages on the new Angel Fighting Style and Dragon Fruit rework. Or—check out our recently published Fighting Style tier list!

What Is The Best Race In Blox Fruits (2024)?

Despite being nerfed after Update 20, the best race in Blox Fruits is still the Shark Race. It boasts insane defensive capabilities with high damage reduction (especially at V4), making you a tank against enemy players.

The Shark's Leviathan's Armor makes you practically immortal since the 85% damage block renders many enemy attacks ineffective. What's more overpowered about the Shark Race in Blox Fruits is that the more damage you deal, the stronger your shield becomes.

shark race blox fruits

This unique feature basically incentivizes bad players by making this unnecessarily strong in PvP scenarios. Still not convinced? The race also synergizes with accessories and Devil Fruits, boosting the Shark Race's defensive traits even further.

With the Shark Race, you'll also gain immunity to water damage, giving you a huge advantage in underwater environments or sea-based events—this perk also replaces the need for a boat, boosting your mobility and combat options.

Blox Fruits Race Tier List (2024)

cyborg blox fruits power

Ready to dive into our Blox Fruits race rankings? Remember, this is just our take—that said, you may not agree (and that's perfectly alright). When picking your race, go with what feels right for your playstyle. Whether you're all about defense, speed, or damage, there's a race in Blox Fruits designed just for you.

Tier Race
S-Tier (Overpowered) Shark, Angel, Human
A-Tier (Good) Cyborg
B-Tier (Decent-ish) Rabbit
C-Tier (Average) Ghoul
D-Tier (Weak) None

Blox Fruits Race Tier Descriptions

Angel Race (Skyplan)

The Angel race in Blox Fruits is frequently tagged as overpowered—and for good reason! Its V4 flying ability is a game-changer. Not only does it make zipping around the map a breeze, but it also gives you an edge in PvP combat with superior strategic positioning.

Combine this with its impressive combo potential, especially when paired with the Dough fruit, and you've got a recipe for domination. The V3 ability, 'Heavenly Blood,' is another jewel in its crown, offering rapid health regeneration that significantly boosts your staying power in drawn-out battles.

This is a massive plus, particularly in PvP, where every bit of health counts. Plus, the Angel race's awakened aura packs a punch by intimidating NPCs and ramping up your damage, making the Angel race a formidable force in both offense and defense. In the right hands, it's a powerhouse!

Human Race

The Human race stands out as one of the best races in Blox Fruits due to its unique blend of damage potential, mobility, and accessibility. Unlike the defensively oriented Shark race, Humans possess "Last Resort," enabling them to deal increased damage as their health decreases.

This high-risk, high-reward strategy is ideal for aggressive playstyles, making Humans powerful in PvP and effective against tough NPCs. Beyond this, their better dash and flash step capabilities offer significant tactical advantages in positioning and movement control.

This contrasts with the slower Shark race, which lacks such mobility. The Human race is also easy for new players to grasp, and its synergy with various Devil Fruits and accessories further amplifies its effectiveness

Cyborg Race

The Cyborg race in Blox Fruits is a solid choice, offering unique PvP advantages and versatile abilities. In particular, its Energy Core ability offers massive damage output and the ability to break enemy combos, making it a formidable choice in combat situations.

This ability not only deals high damage but also serves as a tactical tool to disrupt opponents' attacks, providing an edge in PvP encounters. The Cyborg race's V4 awakening enhances its combat effectiveness further, introducing more powerful abilities and damage potential.

These features combined make the Cyborg race exceptionally strong in player-versus-player scenarios, setting it apart from other races with its blend of offensive power and tactical versatility. The only downside is the race is pricy and doesn't offer movement buffs like other races.

Rabbit Race (Mink)

Despite its reputation for being used primarily for evasion, the Rabbit race in Blox Fruits offers some unique advantages. Its insane speed makes you nearly impossible to catch, allowing you to engage and disengage from combat swiftly—perfect for hit-and-run playstyles!

As you might imagine, this agility is beneficial in both PvE and PvP scenarios, as it allows you to move around the map and avoid enemy attacks with relative ease. In fact, you can further boost its speed with equipment like the Pilot Helmet for a strategic edge in pursuits or retreats.

The only downside is that the Rabbit race's emphasis on speed is often associated with a playstyle that avoids direct combat, potentially limiting your combat skills development. It can also lead to a negative perception among other players. That said, if played correctly, Rabbit could be really powerful in the right hands!

Ghoul Race

While the Ghoul race is not highly favored in Blox Fruits, it does still offer a few unique advantages—this is particularly true for players focusing on cooldown reduction strategies.

Specifically, its ability to reactivate abilities while they're on cooldown can allow for more frequent use of powerful moves, potentially being a massive benefit in PvP combat. This feature is especially useful in situations requiring rapid, successive attacks or when facing opponents with higher cooldown abilities.

The Ghoul race's heightened senses at night can also provide a tactical edge in nocturnal battles. However, its drawbacks include a relatively weak life-steal effect and limited utility in V4 abilities, which, although look really cool, offer no real functional advantages.

Looking for the strongest Fruit or Swords to pair with the best race in Blox Fruits? Check out our Fruits tier list or Swords tier list to complement your mastery!

And that concludes our Blox Fruits race tier list. We want to extend a special thanks to the YouTuber Numberskull for their analysis of these combat styles. Please consider subscribing to their channel or watching the video below for a more detailed explanation.