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How To Get Geppo In Demon Piece (Sky Walk Ability Location)

Learn how to unlock the Sky Walk ability in Demon Piece so you can embrace the power of Geppo!
How To Get Geppo In Demon Piece (Sky Walk Ability Location)

Want to unlock Geppo in Demon Piece? Say no more! As one of the six Rokushiki, the Sky Walk ability is highly sought after, allowing you to practically walk with the wind, stepping on air to (quite literally) elevate your gameplay.

The good news is that it's super easy to unlock! All you have to do is know where to find the Sky Walk ability NPC. This guide will detail everything there is to know about Geppo in Demon Piece. Keep reading to take your game experience to new heights!

How To Unlock Sky Walk Ability In Demon Piece

The "Sky Walk" ability is not difficult to unlock. To get Geppo in Demon Piece, all you need to do is visit Logue Town. From Orange Town, rent a boat and travel east until you reach the destination. Then, look for the Bart Bar, and you should find an NPC named Ted inside.

Speak to Ted, and he will say, "I have recently invented a technique called 'Sky Walk' and was looking for people who would be interested in learning it. For a small price of 20,000 Beli, I can teach you." Now, select "Yes," and you'll immediately unlock Geppo in Demon Piece.

sky walk ability location demon piece

Sky Walk Ability Moveset

  • Light Flight (F)
  • Jewels of Light (V)
  • Light Shower (C)
  • Light Sword (X)
  • Light Kick (Z)

Pro Tip: If you're struggling to locate the different islands, you should consider getting the Island Tracket game pass. It will allow you to see the locations of every island, including their base level requirements and distances.

What Is Geppo In Demon Piece?

Geppo is a technique in the One Piece anime and manga series. It's one of the six powers (or "Rokushiki") used by the World Government's secret CP9 agency. It allows the user to kick the air itself, allowing them to "walk" or jump in mid-air as if stepping on invisible platforms.

In Demon Piece, Geppo functions practically the same. It offers great mobility, allowing you to bypass obstacles or reach elevated positions without climbing or flying. It's often used in combat to gain a tactical advantage by attacking from above or quickly retreating to a safer position.

geppo demon piece

And that's everything you need to know about how to get Geppo in Demon Piece. Pretty easy, right? But don't stop there! We have loads of code pages for a variety of Roblox games, offering free rewards to help supercharge your progression!

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