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All Free Roblox Items You Can Get Right Now (November 2022)

You can get many free items in Roblox with relatively little to no effort. Here's a list of all the freebies you can get right now.
All Free Roblox Items You Can Get Right Now (November 2022)

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Roblox, like hanging out with your friends on a server or exploring the library of games Roblox offers. While doing this, you might notice some players donning cool cosmetic items for their avatars. Unfortunately, some of these items can be expensive, so we've compiled a list of available free items in Roblox and how to get them.

Update on 24 November: We checked for updates and added five new free Roblox items.

List Of Free Items You Can Get In Roblox Today

roblox all free roblox items you can get right now
There are always free items available via the Avatar Shop in Roblox.

You can buy various Roblox items, from character items to clothing and even emotes. To do this, you will have to use the in-game currency Robux, though this can be expensive if you don't have real-world money to use in-game. That said, here are a few Roblox freebies to get you started.

Cows in Space! 

Cows in Space is a free secret reward in Roblox NFL Quarterback Simulator. You will receive it after you unlock the third level. First, locate the three blue yogurt cups on the right side of the field, close to the goalpost. Then, go through the fence, and you'll see a big pizza angled at a 45-degree angle. Underneath it, you'll find a chest that contains the Cows in Space! UFO companion.

Husky Givenchy Backpack & Prisme Libre Ear Muffs

You can get the Husky Givenchy Backpack by scoring 450 points in the ice-skating game in Givenchy Beauty House. You can also get the free Prisme Libre Ear Muffs by finding and collecting 10 Givenchy Snowflakes hidden throughout the map.

Art Gallery Sweater

You can get the Art Gallery Sweater for free in Museum Tycoon by building a museum. You can do this by walking to the various colored octagon-shaped items on the floor and buying Paintings. Once you have purchased enough items, you will be rewarded with the Art Gallery badge and Sweater in your inventory. Tip: If you run out of money, walk to the center of the room and collect more money.

Roblox Classic Cap

You can win the Roblox Classic Cap by playing the Community Space game. After launching the game, follow the gray arrows on the ground. You'll eventually find four Roblox symbols, after which you will receive a badge and the Roblox Classic Cap as a reward.

The items listed below are still available -- get them while you still can!

Medieval Hood of Mystery 

The Medieval Hood of Mystery is free in Roblox. To get this item, head over to the Avatar Shop and select the “Accessories” category (filter the list by "Free" listings).

Top Knot - Blonde

To get the Top Knot - Blonde item for free in Roblox, go to your Avatar Shop and select the "Heads" category. Also, ensure you've turned down the price to "Free," and click on the green "Free" button.

Gudetama Backpack and Cinnamon Roll Backpack

You can get two free items by playing the My Hello Kitty Cafe game in Roblox. The first is a Gudetama Backpack, which you can receive for free once you reach Level 20. You can also get the Cinnamon Roll Backpack; you only need to serve 1,000 customers in the Roblox game.  

And that concludes our guide on all the free items you can get in Roblox.

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All featured images are courtesy of Roblox.