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How To Get Gear 5 In Haze Piece

Gear 5 is coming to Haze Piece and we go over how to get this ability here.
How To Get Gear 5 In Haze Piece

Do you want to become as strong as Luffy when he gets into Gear 5 in One Piece? Well soon, that will be a possibility. Haze Piece is a game that is based on One Piece and it allows players to use powerful Devil Fruit to take down a lot of different enemies at once.

In this game, you can become as strong as Kaido by getting the Dragon Devil Fruit. And now, you can become Gear 5 which is stronger than the Dragon Devil Fruit. Here, we are going to go over what you need to do to get Gear 5 in Haze Piece.

How To Get Gear 5 In Haze Piece

Getting Gear 5 in Haze Piece is going to take a couple of steps. First of all, you are going to want to get the Rubber Devil Fruit. Gear 2 and 4 in Haze Piece require players to get the Rubber Devil Fruit first before they can use either of these abilities.

The second step is you need to get Gear 2 in Haze Piece. Gear 4 is locked away until you get Gear 2 to begin with. So naturally, you will need to unlock Gear 2 and 4 before you can get Gear 5. To get Gear 2, you will need to visit a trainer on Bubble Island first. Do that and you can purchase Gear 2.

Haze Piece Gear 5
Gear 5 is coming to Haze Piece.

Once you do that, you can go to the platform above the Gear 2 trainer and you can take on the G4 Boss. The boss is level 2000 and they have a .5% chance of dropping the Gear 4 book. Once you get the book, use it and Gear 4 will be unlocked for you in Haze Piece. Now you are ready to get Gear 5.

How you get Gear 5 in Haze Piece will likely require you to defeat a boss. Players will most likely have to take down a Gear 5 Boss in Sea 2 to get the ability to obtain Gear 5. Just remember that you will need to at least get Gear 4 first before you can consider getting Gear 5.

Haze Piece Gear 5
Players will need to first get at least Gear 4 in Haze Piece.

When Is Gear 5 Coming To Haze Piece?

Gear 5 is expected to arrive in Haze Piece on October 20th. The release has been confirmed by the developers on their Discord channel. Once it is in the game, we will have a much better idea of what abilities are available to this new power.

Based on the manga and anime, there are a lot of possibilities on what powers you will have. Turning the surface to rubber, becoming super-sized, and so much more. Haze Piece is about to completely change with the arrival of Gear 5.