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How To Stay Updated On Roblox Kaizen? Discord, Trello & Social Media Links

Want to stay updated about everything new in Roblox Kaizen? Here is a list of all the game's official social media, Trello, and Discord links.
How To Stay Updated On Roblox Kaizen? Discord, Trello & Social Media Links

Kaizen is a brand-new game in Roblox from Grifon Games based on the popular manga and anime Jujutsu Kaisen. While there is an assortment of other fantastic Roblox anime games for you to choose from, Kaizen has quickly gained traction, tasking players to obtain curses and fight various bosses.

As a result, many Roblox fans might want to stay in the know regarding any future news, updates, fixes, and (most importantly) Kaizen redeem codes. And what better way to do this than following the Roblox Kaizen Discord, Trello, and social media channels?

How To Stay Updated On Roblox Kaizen

roblox kaizen social media twitter link
Roblox Kaizen is currently in its Alpha development phase. (Picture: YouTube / Grifon Games)

Fortunately, Roblox Kaizen has provided several platforms to stay current on news and upcoming features. We've listed each of them below for your convenience. 

What Is Roblox Kaizen Twitter?

Roblox Kaizen does not have a dedicated Twitter account. Also, despite it being developed by Grifon Games, there's no reference to the game on the developer's Twitter account. However, you can follow Maestro on Twitter (who claims to be one of the Roblox Kaizen developers); they occasionally post work on their channel and might be worth following for updates.

What Is Roblox Kaizen Discord Server Link?

The Roblox Kaizen Discord community server should feature most information you'll need and is a great way to stay up-to-date regarding the game. Similar to other Roblox games, the developer will ping the community if there are any new codes or if the server will be shutting down. This is also typically where the developers will post patch notes for bug fixes and small game updates.

roblox kaizen social media links stay updated with information trello discord twitter
Stay up-to-date with the latest codes and bug fixes with the Roblox Kaizen Discord server. (Picture: YouTube / Grifon Games)

What Is Roblox Kaizen YouTube Channel?

If you haven’t played Roblox Kaizen before and are curious about the gameplay, the Grifon Games YouTube Channel will help you. Even though the channel has been somewhat inactive, developers have recently posted Kaizen gameplay of the Alpha build.

What Is Roblox Kaizen Trello Link?

You can access the Roblox Kaizen Trello for a range of information about the latest codes, Story Quests, Weapons, Clans, Enemies, and more. Trello is a helpful tool that allows you to track and organize various projects and is often used by Roblox developers to explain game functions, provide gameplay updates, and redeem codes.

That concludes our guide on all the known Roblox Kaizen social media links and community hubs.