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How To Get Gear 4 In King Legacy

The Gear 4 (Snake Form) aids you in becoming the strongest player in King Legacy. Here's a guide to unlock it in the popular Roblox experience.
How To Get Gear 4 In King Legacy

One of the most sought-after Devil Fruits in Roblox King Legacy is the Gomu Gomu no Mi, or the Gum Fruit. It gives the power to stretch your body like rubber and unlock a powerful form called Gear 4 — or Gear Fourth (Snake Man), which allows you to inflate your muscles and launch fast, powerful attacks.

However, getting Gear Fourth in King Legacy is not easy, as you need to meet some requirements and complete a quest to obtain it. But that's where we come in! This guide will show you how to get Gear 4 (Snake Man) in this popular Roblox anime game.

How To Unlock Gear Fourth (Snake Man) in King Legacy

The first requirement to obtain Gear 4 is to have at least 1,000,000 Beli in your inventory and be at least level 1000 in the game. Beli is the currency in King Legacy that you can use to buy items, weapons, and skills. You can earn Beli by completing quests, defeating bosses, and selling items.

How to get Gear 4_ Snakeman in King Legacy! _Updated 2023 Guide_ 0-9 screenshot

Once you fulfill this requirement, the next step is to talk to Beauty Girl at War Island. To start this quest, you need to have at least 1750 reputation points and be in the First Sea. Then, head to the War Island of King Legacy.

Once you are there, look for the Beauty Girl NPC in the same building where you can set your spawn point. She will ask you to find Redbird, who is hiding somewhere in Sky Island.How to get Gear 4_ Snakeman in King Legacy! _Updated 2023 Guide_ 0-9 screenshot _1_

The next step to unlocking Gear 4 in King Legacy is to find Redbird in Sky Island. He is hiding behind four Sky Soldiers at the edge of the lower island. Talk to him, and he will tell you to go to Desert Island and look for White Man.

White Man is in a secret spot inside the second tower on the left of the Sandcastle.

How to get Gear 4_ Snakeman in King Legacy! _Updated 2023 Guide_ 0-9 screenshot _2_

You have to climb the tower and fall down to reach him. He will offer you Gear Fourth (Snake Man) for $1,000,000 Beli. If you agree, you will unlock a new ability that you can activate by pressing B on your keyboard.

You need 1,000 Fruit Stat Points to use it. Congratulations, you have completed the quest and acquired Gear 4 in King Legacy!