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How To Spawn Kuma In Demon Piece

Learn how to summon Kuma the Tyrant raid boss in Demon Piece in this guide!
How To Spawn Kuma In Demon Piece

Want to summon Kuma in Demon Piece? Say no more. This raid boss is based on Bartholomew Kuma from the One Piece anime series and offers you a chance to obtain rare and powerful items, including the Bear Hat and Holy Book accessories.

It also gives a chance to get a rare Devil Fruit. But how do you spawn Kuma in Demon Piece? That's what we're here to answer. Just follow these easy steps and prepare yourself for a challenging battle.

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How To Summon Kuma In Demon Piece

To spawn Kuma in Demon Piece, you need to obtain a Computer Micro Chip, which can be acquired in two ways:

  • There is a 7% chance that the Sea Dragon boss will drop a Computer Micro Chip after it is defeated. This method is challenging and does not guarantee that you will receive the item you need to continue—however, it will save you quite a lot of Beli!
  • Alternatively, you can buy a Computer Micro Chip from the Mysterious Scientist NPC at the Lab on the Abandoned Territory island. Each chip will set you back 4 Million Beli or 699 Robux. Note that there is a 3-hour cooldown period between purchases.

Once you have obtained a Computer Micro Chip, head to the laboratory on the Abandoned Territory island. This island does not require a level, as it is solely used for the Kuma raid boss spawn. Now, use the Computer Microchip to activate the Kuma raid boss event in Demon Piece.

Kuma is a challenging boss with 275,000 HP and special attacks that can deal significant damage. Upon defeating Kuma, you have a chance to obtain rare and powerful items, including the Bear Hat and Holy Book accessories, and a 7% chance to obtain a rare Devil Fruit.

Remember, Kuma has no spawn cooldown, so you can attempt to fight him as many times as you wish, provided you have the necessary Computer Micro Chips. That's everything you need to know to spawn Kuma in Demon Piece. Thanks to YouTuber ZionCalebTV for their walkthrough.