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How To Get Ken Haki In Demon Piece (Observation Haki Location)

Want to know how to get Kenbunshoku? Here's how to unlock Observation Haki in Demon Piece Roblox!
How To Get Ken Haki In Demon Piece (Observation Haki Location)
Roblox via YouTube / Nikkolapz

Need help to unlock Ken Haki in Demon Piece? Say no more! Observation Haki (aka Kenbunshoku in One Piece) grants the ability to sense the presence of others—even across a huge distance, making it super powerful for detecting potential threats.

So, how do you get it? Well, it's actually quite a grind! This guide will explain how to get Observation Haki in Demon Piece, including where to find Fresh NPC location and how to defeat the Desert King boss. Get ready to boost your battle prowess!

How To Unlock Observation Haki In Demon Piece

To get Ken Haki in Demon Piece, you need to go to Sandora Island. This island has a level requirement of 150 or higher. You can find Sandora Island by navigating mid-way between the northwest and north directions from Jungle Island, where you unlock Armament Haki.

After reaching Sandora Island, your next task is to locate an NPC Fresh. Start at the Docks and then head towards the opposite side of the island. Make sure to keep to the right-most edge of the map as you traverse the island to find Fresh's location in Demon Piece.

fresh npc location demon piece ken haki
You will find Fresh in front of the Castle on the edge of Sandora Island.

After talking to Fresh, she will say: "Wanna learn how to use your eyes the right way? Defeat the Desert King, then maybe I will acknowledge you are worthy of this power." Accept the quest and head up the giant steps until you reach the Castle.

The Desert King is located inside the Castle. Just note that this boss might not spawn when you arrive, so you can server-hop until he shows up. Also, ensure you are at least level 240+ before you initiate this battle. Remember to keep your distance and try to dodge his attacks!

desert king npc location demon piece haki
The Desert King is located inside the Castle of Sandora Island.

The Desert King is extremely strong and has about 7,000 HP, so it might take some time to defeat it! After beating the boss, you can return to Fresh to unlock Observation Haki in Demon Piece. It is quite expensive, costing 200,000 Beli. You can activate this skill by pressing T.

And that's a wrap! You have successfully unlocked Ken Haki in Demon Piece. But don't stop there! Check out our guide on how to get Geppo or view our code pages for free rewards in these Roblox games:

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