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How To Play Lucky Tiles Event In Pet Simulator 99

Find everything you need to know about the Lucky Tiles Event in Pet Simulator 99 right here.
How To Play Lucky Tiles Event In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Want to know how to play Lucky Tiles Event in Pet Simulator 99? You're not alone! BIG Games have added a new limited-time event, with yet another opportunity for Roblox players to hatch HUGE pets. The best part? There are tons of great rewards up for grabs—and all you have to do is play!

Truth be told, you'll need a bit of luck on your side. But, isn't that what makes Pet Simulator 99 so exciting? This guide will cover everything to know about the Lucky Tiles Event happening in Rave World. So, equip your best enchants and follow the loud music!

Update: You can now also find Rave Tickets in the final zone. Take them to the Rave Machine and buy upgrades to BOOST your odds of finding rewards after the tiles shuffle. Oh, there's also two new HUGE pets you can find! Good luck ~

Lucky Tiles Event will end in approximately
6 days, 23:40:35

What Is The Lucky Tiles Event In Pet Simulator 99?

The Lucky Tiles Event is a new limited-time event in Pet Simulator 99. You can access it at the end of Rave World. The good news? It's super easy to get started. Simply enter through the event portal from the spawn of any world. Next, grind through the zones until you reach Zone 4 (Disco City).

Now, just equip your strongest pets and destroy the breakables that spawn between the tiles. After achieving the tile break goal, the floor will shuffle, and you will earn the reward you're currently standing on. The rewards are pretty cool—there's a chance for the Huge UV Kitsune, Rave Gifts, Rave Booth, Rave Hoverboard, and more.

lucky tile event pet sim 929

So, basically, you have a chance to get a HUGE pet just by AFK farming the final area. The Lucky Tiles Event in Pet Simulator 99 also has a live feed of the Roblox players scoring high-tier rewards. At the same time, you can hatch the final zone Egg for a chance to get the HUGE UV Cat.

You'll also want to get the Lucky Tile Boost to increase your odds of getting valuable items or pets. This item is earned as a drop from the Global Event, Lucky Tiles, and Rave Gifts. Just step onto any tile, use the boost, and watch your luck electrify. The regular boost increases luck by 100% and the ultra boost by 500%.

And that's how to play the Lucky Tiles Event in Pet Simulator 99. The event will probably end on Jul. 20 (update: I was right), so make the most of this very rare opportunity to get a HUGE. For more help in the game, check out the linked guides!

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