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Pet Simulator 99 Biomes List (Update 5)

Pet Simulator 99 has dozens of biomes—here's a list of them all!
Pet Simulator 99 Biomes List (Update 5)
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Looking for a list of every biome in Pet Simulator 99? I got you, bro. I was going to make a "99 problems" joke to open this guide but decided not to—but there are literally dozens of areas to explore, each home to different machines and resources.

For example, the Pirate Tavern is a great respite where you can do some fishing, while the Bamboo Forest is the perfect place to stock up on Rainbow Fruit. So, make sure you explore all the biomes in Pet Simulator 99 to get fully immersed in all the action!

Updated on 21 January 2024: Update 5 of Pet Simulator 99 has added 25 new zones to the game. If this page seems out of date, try hard-refreshing (SHIFT + F5) to view an uncached version.

All Biomes In Pet Simulator 99

There are currently 99 biomes in Pet Simulator 99. The table below details all the main facilities, including the unlock requirements to access them. If you'd like to contribute to this page, please drop me an email at [email protected].

Area Name Unlock Cost Main Facilities
1 Spawn Free Shop, Mailbox, Social Rewards, VIP, Group Rewards, Pet Box, The Index, Leaderboard, Trading Plaza
2 Colorful Forest 900 Coins  
3 Castle 2.5k Coins Free Diamonds, The Castle
4 Green Forest 8k Coins Pet Equip Machine
5 Autumn 20k Coins Traveling Merchant, Minigame: Classic Obby
6 Cherry Blossom 60k Coins Vending Machine: Potions
7 Farm 150k Coins  
8 Backyard 400k Coins Machine: Egg Machine
9 Misty Falls 1 Gold Bar Vending Machine: Enchants
10 Mine 2 Gold Bars, 500k Coins Machine: Gold Pets
11 Chrystal Caverns 6 Gold Bars Minigame: Minefield
12 Dead Forest 15 Gold Bars  
13 Dark Forest 35 Gold Bars Machine: Upgrade Potions Machine
14 Mushroom Field 80 Gold Bars Vending Machine: Fruits
15 Enchanted Forest 200 Gold Bars  
16 Crimson Forest 450 Gold Bars Machine: Upgrade Enchants Machine
17 Jungle 1k Gold Bars Free Potions
18 Jungle Temple 2.5k Gold Bars Minigame: Jungle Obby
19 Oasis 5.5k Gold Bars Merchant
20 Beach 10k Gold Bars Daycare
21 Coral Reef 30k Gold Bars Free Enchants
22 Shipwreck 65k Gold Bars  
23 Atlantis 150k Gold Bars Minigame: Atlantis - Swim with the fish
24 Palm Beach 350k Gold Bars Free Items
25 Tiki 750k Gold Bars Rebirth One
26 Pirate Cove 1 Platinum Coin, 500k Gold Bars Vending Machine: Fruits II
27 Pirate Tavern 4 Platinum Coins Minigame: Fishing
28 Shanty Town 8 Platinum Coins, 500k Gold Bars Machine: Fuse Pets
29 Desert Village 20 Platinum Coins  
30 Fossil Digsite 45 Platinum Coins Minigame: Digsite
31 Desert Pyramids 100 Platinum Coins Machine: Rainbow Pets Machine, Minigame: Pyramid Obby
32 Red Desert 250 Platinum Coins Free Diamonds
33 Wild West 500 Platinum Coins  
34 Grand Canyons 1k Platinum Coins  
35 Safari 2.5k Platinum Coins Vending Machine: Potions II
36 Mountains 6k Platinum Coins  
37 Snow Village 15k Platinum Coins  
38 Icy Peaks 30k Platinum Coins Minigame: Ice Obby
39 Ice Rink 65k Platinum Coins Advanced Merchant
40 Ski Town 150k Platinum Coins Minigame: Sled Race
41 Hot Springs 350k Platinum Coins  
42 Fire and Ice 750k Platinum Coins Vending Machine: Enchants II
43 Volcano 1 Platinum Bar, 500k Platinum Coins  
44 Obsidian Cave 4 Platinum Bars Comet Shower
45 Lava Forest 8 Platinum Bars, 500k Platinum Coins Minigame: Chest Rush
46 Underworld 20 Platinum Bars Chest
47 Underworld Bridge 45 Platinum Bars Vending Machine: Rare Potions
48 Underworld Castle 100 Platinum Bars  
49 Metal Dojo 200 Platinum Bars  
50 Fire Dojo 500 Platinum Bars Rebirth Two
51 Samurai Village 4.5k Platinum Bars Rare Enchant Machine
52 Bamboo Forest 100k Platinum Bars Rainbow Fruit Machine
53 Zen Garden 2 Emerald Coins Garden Minigame, Garden Merchant: Buy Coin Seeds, Potion Seeds, Diamond Seeds, Gift Seeds, Insta-Plant Capsule, and Golden Watering Can.
54 Flower Field 15 Emerald Coins  
55 Fairytale Meadows 75 Emerald Coins  
56 Fairytale Castle 150 Emerald Coins  
57 Royal Kingdom 350 Emerald Coins Clan  
58 Fairy Castle 850 Emerald Coins  
59 Cozy Village 2k Emerald Coins  
60 Rainbow River 4k Emerald Coins  
61 Colorful Mines 9.5k Emerald Coins Minigame: Cart Ride Into Preston
62 Colorful Mountains 20k Emerald Coins  
63 Frost Mountains 50k Emerald Coins Snow Merchant
64 Ice Sculptures All your coins Vending Machine: OP Potions
65 Snowman Town 250k Emerald Coins  
66 Ice Castle 550k Emerald Coins  
67 Polar Express 1 Emerald Bar  
68 Firefly Cold Forest All your coins  
69 Golden Road 6 Emerald Bars, 500k Emerald Coins Passageway (Locked)
70 No Path Forest 15 Emerald Bars  
71 Ancient Runes 30 Emerald Bars  
72 Runic Altar 70 Emerald Bars Dealer Merchant
73 Wizard Tower 150 Emerald Bars  
74 Witch Marsh 350 Emerald Bars  
75 Haunted Forest All your coins Rebirth Three
76 Haunted Graveyard 2k Emerald Bars Index Machine
77 Haunted Mansion 4k Emerald Bars Magic Machine,
78 Dungeon Entrance 9.5k Emerald Bars Free Diamonds
79 Dungeon 20k Emerald Bars Minigame: Advanced Digsite
80 Treasure Dungeon 45k Emerald Bars  
81 Empyrean Dungeon 100k Emerald Bars  
82 Mythic Dungeon 250k Emerald Bars  
83 Cotton Candy Forest 550k Emerald Bars Free Potions
84 Gummy Forest 1 Sapphire Coin  
85 Chocolate Waterfall 2 Sapphire Coins, 500k Emerald Bars  
86 Sweets 6 Sapphire Coins  
87 Toys and Blocks 15 Sapphire Coins Minigame: Lucky Blocks
88 Carnival 30 Sapphire Coins Free Enchants
89 Theme Park 70 Sapphire Coins  
90 Clouds 150 Sapphire Coins Free Items
91 Cloud Garden 350 Sapphire Coins Minigame: Advanced Fishing
92 Cloud Forest 800 Sapphire Coins  
93 Cloud Houses 2k Sapphire Coins  
94 Cloud Palace 9k Sapphire Coins  
95 Heaven Gates 20k Sapphire Coins Big Chest
96 Heaven 45k Sapphire Coins  
97 Heaven Golden Castle 100k Sapphire Coins  
98 Colorful Clouds 250k Sapphire Coins  
99 Rainbow Road TBA  

And that's all the different areas in Pet Simulator 99—have you explored them all? If not, you better get to grinding! While you're at it, read some of our other guides: How To Transfer Pets | Scavenger Egg Locations | How To Rebirth | All Shiny Relic Locations | Stairway To Heaven | How To Get Diamonds Fast | How To Get Every Hoverboard