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How To Reach Max Rank In Pet Simulator 99 (Update 5)

Need help to get the max rank in Pet Simulator 99? No problem—use these tried-and-tested tips to rank up fast in the game!
How To Reach Max Rank In Pet Simulator 99 (Update 5)
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Do you want to reach max rank in Pet Simulator 99? You're in the right spot! And I get it, okay—the grind is real, with the leveling system proving to be quite tedious, to say the least. But don't worry! Whether you're Noob or Champion, these tips will help you rack up stars in no time!

To note, BIG Games will likely increase the max rank in Pet Simulator 99 in the next update, so it's not a bad idea to reflect and revise your leveling strategy. Also, ranking up is a great way to bag crazy good rewards, including diamonds, enchants, potions, and more. Let's dive in!

Note: We will try to update this page whenever the max rank increases in Pet SImulator 99. While the maximum level might change, the strategies and tips discussed here do not.

What Is The Current Max Rank In Pet Simulator 99?

As of Update 5, the maximum rank you can achieve in Pet Simulator 99 is Rank 18. So, what's the point? Well, grinding higher levels offers rewards, unlocking more Enchant slots, and the ability to equip more pets and open more eggs.

These are all the ranks in Pet Simulator 99:

All Ranks
  • Noob (Rank 1)
  • Beginner (Rank 2)
  • Rookie (Rank 3)
  • Adventurer (Rank 4)
  • Experienced (Rank 5)
  • Pro (Rank 6)
  • Elite (Rank 7)
  • Expert (Rank 8)
  • Master (Rank 9)
  • Legend (Rank 10)
  • Champion (Rank 11)
  • Superstar (Rank 12)
  • Guardian (Rank 13)
  • Titan (Rank 14)
  • Sentinel (Rank 15)
  • Overlord (Rank 16)
  • Immortal (Rank 17)
  • Hacker (Rank 18)

How To Get Max Rank Fast In Pet Simulator 99

rank rewards pet sim 99

This much is obvious to everyone, but completing quests is the fastest and only way to reach max rank in Pet Simulator 99. That said, a good strategy is to focus on the easy quests first before prioritizing 3- and 4-star quests (unlocked at Rank 2 and 5, respectively).

The types of quests you'll get in Pet Simulator 99 are random—so getting easy tasks like opening eggs or collecting fruits, potions, enchants, and diamonds really just comes down to pure luck. In this case, you'll do well to memorize the different areas.

Memorize These Key Areas

 These are a few key areas. Be sure to revisit them every 5-10 minutes when they restock:

  • Free Items: Area 3 (Diamonds), Area 17 (Potions), Area 21 (Free Enchants), Area 32 (Diamonds), Area 24, and VIP Area.
  • Potions: Area 6 (Vending Machine), Area 13 (Potions Upgrade),  Area 35 (Potions II Vending Machine), Area 47 (Rare Potions Vending Machine), and Area 64 (OP Potions)
  • Enchants: Area 9 (Vending Machine), Area 16 (Enchants Machine), Area 42 (Enchants II Vending Machine), and Area 51 (Rare Enchants Machine)
  • Fruit: Area 14 (Vending Machine), Area 26 (Fruits II), Area 52 (Rainbow Fruit)

There are loads more areas that offer free rewards. For the sake of brevity (and to avoid the headache of having to painstakingly update this guide every time), we'll leave it to you to figure out where they are.

Pro Tip: If you're stuck with a tough quest like collecting loads of potions, switch to completing other easier tasks while you wait for the Vending Machines to restock. Also, it's worth noting that combining potions and enchants counts toward collecting them! 

Have A Good Enchant Build

enchants pet sim 99

Let's talk about Enchants for a minute. I highly recommend using Fortune Enchants since they significantly boost your coin and diamond yields. These are not only useful for speedrunning quests, but you'll rely on them to maintain your bankroll when buying things at Vending Machines.

Next, having a mix of Enchants will do you good in your pursuit to reach the max rank in Pet Simulator 99—these include Criticals for a higher chance of critical hits, Happy Pets for quicker and more agile attacks, and a Magnet enchant for efficient collection of items during AFK farming.

Also, while not as effective as the Lightning Enchant, the Blast Enchant is especially useful for damaging nearby breakables. At the end of the day, diversity is key when it comes to Enchants for your pets. And don't be afraid of trying different builds!

Got more tips on how to get max rank fast in Pet Simulator 99? Shoot them over to me at [email protected] and I'll include them in this guide so other Roblox players can benefit from them (you will receive a credit for your contribution).

Use Potions and Flags When Farming

diamonds pet sim 99

Destroying breakables or mini-chests can sometimes be a little challenging to do in your best area, putting a speed bump in your pursuit of reaching max rank in Pet Simulator 99. That being said, you'll want to use Damage potions and Enchants like Strong Pets to destroy breakables quickly. 

Another pro tip is to consider using a Hasty flag instead of a Magnet for faster breaking. This can save you a lot of time in the long run. Ultimately, understanding how rank progression works is crucial to ranking up fast in Pet Simulator 99. Oh, and if you have fishing quests—then sorry, I can't help you 🤣.

And there you have it, a detailed guide to climbing the ranks in Pet Simulator 99. Remember to keep an eye on the maximum rank cap, as it tends to change with new game updates.