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How To Unlock Treehouse In Pet Simulator 99

Want to know what's behind the Treehouse door in Pet Simulator 99? Find out everything to know right here!
How To Unlock Treehouse In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Are you interested to know what lies behind the Treehouse door in Pet Simulator 99? You're not alone. This enigmatic tree, situated in the Enchanted Forest, has been a closely guarded secret ever since the game's launch—but what exactly lies inside?

And that's where we come in! This guide will explain how to unlock the Treehouse in Pet Simulator 99 and finally put the mystery to rest. We'll even go as far as to explain what riches you might uncover. Are you ready? Let's jump in!

Editor's Note: This page is based on speculation. We will update it with concrete details once the patch notes for Pet Simulator 99 Update 5 comes out.

How To Unlock Treehouse Door In Pet Simulator 99

Right now, it's not clear what's hidden inside the Treehouse in Area 15. However, the developers at BIG Games have provided a clue ahead of the next Pet Simulator 99 update. Specifically, it's thought that a special purple key—or Galaxy Key is required to open the Treehouse.

So, where is the Galaxy Key location in Pet Simulator 99? As it turns out, it might be possible to get it as a reward after reaching Rebirth 3 in Area 75. Note that this will only become available after Update 5. Also, some players think that the Galaxy Key is instead needed to unlock the castle in Area 58. 

empty tree message pet sim 99

What Is Inside The Enchanted Forest Treehouse In Pet Simulator 99?

Nobody knows what is hidden behind the Treehouse Door in Pet Simulator 99. The simple reason is that nobody has unlocked it yet. We will know more after Update 5—however, it most probably is a portal to a secret obby or new area (kind of like the Stairway to Heaven) with heaps of rewards!

And that's everything to know about unlocking the Treehouse in Pet Simulator 99. It's important to note that BIG Games has not yet unveiled the exact requirements to unlock this secret location, but we will update this page once we know more.