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How To Get Max Diamonds In Pet Simulator X [Best Method]

Want to get max Diamonds in Pet Simulator X fast? Learn the best methods, pets, and enchants for maximum farming efficiency.
How To Get Max Diamonds In Pet Simulator X [Best Method]

Pet Simulator X is a wildly popular Roblox game that has understandably captured the hearts of pet lovers alike. Among the many ways to acquire new pets, players can use Gems (or Diamonds) to purchase new pets, upgrades, and more. However, this can be challenging. As such, many players want to know how to get more Diamonds in Pet Simulator X fast.

Fortunately, the Diamond Mine update in April 2023 introduced a new way for players to get a ton of Gems. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive guide to help you get the most out of the latest Pet Simulator X update. Read on to discover the best way to get max Diamonds in the game, including useful tips and tricks on maximizing your auto clicker's functionality.

Best Method To Farm Max Diamonds In Pet Simulator X

The first thing to remember is that you must have the right pets for farming Gems in the Diamond Mine in Pet Simulator X. Legendary Pets like the Spring Bees from the Easter 2023 Event are the best pets for this purpose, especially when turned into Dark Matter variants. In addition, you should also equip a few Huge Pets for strength, damage, and increased Gem drop chance. You'll also want to equip your pets with Diamond Enchants to improve the drop chance of Gems even further.

These include the Diamond Bag Luck (I to V), which increases the chance of Diamond Bag drops by 5% to 25%. In addition, the Diamond Bag Master enchantment grants a 2% chance to upgrade the tier of Diamond Bags per pet. And finally, the Multiplier Madness (I to V) increases the number of Coins pets earn during random multipliers by 15% to 100%. The first two (in bold) are the best options.

pet simulator x diamond farming guide
Cyber Cavern is one of the best places to farm a ton of Diamonds. (Picture: YouTube / IMNET Roblox)

The Mystic Mine is the best place to farm Diamonds in Pet Simulator X, thanks to the high yield of Gems from destroying chests. However, this area requires that you release a Huge Pet into the wild (the others do not). If you cannot afford to make this sacrifice, you can farm Gems in Cyber Cavern instead (which requires 10 million Diamonds to unlock). When you're there, ensure your "Pet Sending" option is set to "All," and aim to hit all the Loot Bags.

Important: The rate and number of Gems you get largely depends on your army of pets and the chance rate of getting Diamonds from the Breakables in the room. However, you will be able to get roughly 200,000 Diamonds after just a few minutes with the recommendations above.

Alternatively, you can use an auto clicker for farming all the Diamonds Breakables in the vicinity. If you use this option, set your "Pet Sending" to "Single" and position yourself in the center of the room. Then press the left arrow key and the forward slash key. Afterward, enable your auto clicker, and your pets will destroy everything that spawns around you. Just make sure you pick up the Diamonds that drop before they despawn.

diamond farming guide pet simulator x
Use Triple Coins and Triple Damage to boost your Diamond drop rate. (Picture: YouTube / IMNET Roblox)

Regardless of your chosen method, it might also be worth activating Triple Coins (costs 49 Robux for 100 Boosts) and Triple Damage (costs 49 Robux for 100 Boosts). These boosts will increase the number of Gems you receive, so be sure to use them whenever possible.

And that concludes our guide on the fastest way to get max Diamonds in Pet Simulator X. We want to thank the YouTuber AIMNET Roblox for sharing their awesome farming strategy. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content. With these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to getting as many Gems as possible. Remember to optimize your pets and enchants, farm in the right locations, and collect Diamonds whenever possible.