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What Is Diamond Mine In Pet Simulator X?

Discover everything about the Diamond Mine, the latest addition to Pet Simulator X, including its impact on the game's economy.
What Is Diamond Mine In Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X is a popular game widely adored by all pet collectors in the Roblox community, with the developers releasing new content and features weekly. Some additions include fun new areas and Exclusive Pet collectibles to keep players interested. That said, the Diamond Mine update of Pet Simulator X allows players to grind Diamonds!

According to the developer's blog post, Pet Simulator X features a new Diamond Mine, which will completely change the game economy. So, if you've heard the news but are still confused and wondering, "What is Diamond Mine in Pet Simulator X, " don't worry. This guide covers everything related to the new area, including all the new breakables and enchantments!

Note on 16 April 2023: We've updated this page with the official details from the BIG Games blog post. Check out these guides to learn even more: How to get unlock all Diamond Mine areas and How to farm max Diamonds quickly in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X: What Is Diamond Mine?


Diamond Mine is a new world added to Pet Simulator X in which players can mine Diamonds. The entrance to the Diamond Mine is located opposite the Daycare of Spawn World in Pet Simulator X, and it features three areas: Paradise Cave, Cyber Cavern, and Mystic Mine, each with a specific unlock requirement based on rank, unlocked area, and Diamond cost. The final area is only available to players who release a Huge pet into the wild.

As confirmed in previous leaks by RBXG Leaks on Twitter, players can mine different Diamond Breakables to earn Diamonds. There is also a Diamond Chest in Cyber Cavern and Mystic Mine areas, which are supposedly best used for farming Diamonds while idle. Finally, the Diamond Loot Bags will drop randomly while breaking into the mine and are packed FULL of Diamonds!

Pet Simulator X: What Are Diamond Enchants?

As mentioned in the official blog post, pets may now be enchanted with the following:

  • Diamond Bag Luck I to V: +5% to +25% Diamond Bag drop chance (Diamond Mine)
  • Diamond Bag Master: +5% chance to upgrade the tier of Diamond Bags (Diamond Mine)
  • Multiplier Madness I to V: Pet earns +15% to 100% more Coins during random multipliers

In addition, Triple Diamonds Potion will grant 3x the Diamond drop on all breakables. It's apparently "super rare," so you'll likely need to buy it from the Exclusive Shop. It lasts for 15 minutes and costs 399 Robux (oof).


How Will Diamond Mine Affect The Pet Simulator X Economy?

It's still too early to tell, but the introduction of Diamond Mine to Pet Simulator X is expected to add an extra layer of complexity to the game's economy. In short, the fact that players will have another method to obtain Diamonds will likely increase their circulating supply in the game, reducing the overall value of Gems. This will have the same effect as inflation, driving the price of things like Huge Pets up. As a result, players who have been hoarding Diamonds may benefit, while others may struggle.

Diamonds are currently one of the most valuable resources in Pet Simulator X, and their scarcity is part of what makes them so valuable. So if players have another way to obtain a large number of Diamonds quickly, their value is worth less. In addition, the Diamond Chest's expected release may also incentivize players to use exploits, further affecting the game's economy. This might complicate things if not properly managed by the developers.

That concludes our guide on Diamond Mine in Pet Simulator X. We hope you found this information useful. That said, we'll be sure to monitor for any new details!

All featured images are courtesy of BIG Games.