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How To Get To Diamond Mine In Pet Simulator X

Do you want to know how to get to the Diamond Mine in the Pet Simulator X update? Then stop searching and read this guide!
How To Get To Diamond Mine In Pet Simulator X

Are you ready to strike it rich in Pet Simulator X? The latest update to the beloved pet collecting game has introduced a new way to earn big: Diamond Mine. As the name suggests, this unique area is where you can dig up Diamonds - one of the most valuable resources in the game.

But the question on many players' minds is: how do you get to the Diamond Mine in Pet Simulator X? This guide will show you how to access this new area step-by-step. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, we've got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get to it!

How To Get To The Diamond Mine In Pet Simulator X

To get to the Diamond Mine in Pet Simulator X, visit Spawn World and look for the opening that reads "Diamond Mine."  The entrance is opposite the Daycare center, so it's pretty much impossible to miss. Next, interact with the door to enter the Diamond Mine and access the three areas: Paradise Cave, Cyber Cavern, and Mystic Mine, which can be unlocked by meeting specific requirements based on your rank, unlocked areas, and Diamond cost.

diamond mine pet simulator x
The Diamond Mine contains various Diamond Breakables. (Picture: BIG Games)

In the Diamond Mine of Pet Simulator X, players can find Diamond Breakables, which can be mined by clicking and breaking them apart. Each Breakable gives a different number of Diamonds. Additionally, players can discover Diamond Chests in two of the areas (Cyber Cavern and Mystic Mine) and Diamond Loot Bags that randomly drop while mining and are packed full of Diamonds.

How To Unlock All Diamond Mine Areas In Pet Simulator X

The original blog post by BIG Games regarding how to unlock the different Diamond Mine areas appeared to suggest that the requirements were cumulative, meaning that you needed to meet all the conditions for the previous areas to access the next ones. However, after testing, it seems the only requirement for unlocking each area is having enough Diamonds:

  1. Paradise Cave: To unlock Paradise Cave, you need to have at least 100,000 Diamonds
  2. Cyber Cavern: To unlock Cyber Cavern, you need to have at least 10,000,000 Diamonds.
  3. Mystic Mine: To unlock Mystic Mine, you need to release a Huge Pet into the wild.

Note: Some players say it is worth sacrificing a Huge Pet to access the Mystic Mine area, but others are not as convinced. We suggest releasing your cheapest Huge if you would like to enter the site.

What Are Diamond Enchants In Pet Simulator X?

diamond enchants pet simulator x
Diamond Enchants offer even more ways to get more Diamonds. (Picture: BIG Games)

In Pet Simulator X, players can enchant their pets with Diamond Enchants to improve their abilities in the Diamond Mine. The Diamond Enchants include Diamond Bag Luck I to V, which increases the chance of Diamond Bag drops by 5% to 25%. The Diamond Bag Master enchantment grants a 2% chance to upgrade the tier of Diamond Bags per pet. Additionally, the Multiplier Madness I to V enchantment increases the number of Coins pets earn during random multipliers by 15% to 100%. These enchantments can significantly enhance your gameplay in the Diamond Mine, making obtaining Diamonds and other valuable resources easier.