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Pet Simulator X Exclusive Egg (5 August 2023) - Cosmic Egg

Discover all the rare pets you can hatch from the latest Exclusive Egg in Pet Simulator X and the trade value in August 2023.
Pet Simulator X Exclusive Egg (5 August 2023) - Cosmic Egg

If you're a Pet Simulator X player, you know the thrill of collecting rare pets. And what better way of doing that than by hatching an Exclusive Egg? These limited-time Eggs contain pets of exceptional value, making them highly sought-after.

Not only do these Exclusive Pets stand out from the crowd, but their rarity also makes them a hot commodity in the trading marketplace. So, without further ado, let's dive in and get cracking.

Updated on 5 August 2023: It seems as though there are no further updates to Pet Simulator X. We cannot confirm if this is indefinite or not. We will update this page if we hear any news from the developers. In the meantime, you can look forward to Happy Pet Game.

Pet Simulator X: Latest Exclusive Egg (August 2023)

exclusive egg pet sim x

It's important to note that all Exclusive Eggs in Pet Simulator X are available for a limited time, so be sure to grab them while you can. Additionally, the pet you receive after hatching is based on random chance. Some pets have an extremely low chance of hatching at only 0.05%.

Exclusive Cosmic Egg Pets

  • Cosmic Axolotl (50%)
  • Cosmic Dragon (35%)
  • Cosmic Agony (13%)
  • Huge Cosmic Axolotl (1.25%)
  • Huge Cosmic Agony (0.7%)
  • Titanic Cosmic Pegasus (0.05%)

Important: While buying more Exclusive Eggs can dramatically increase your chances of getting the pet you want, it can quickly become expensive. So, choose wisely and be prepared for the possibility of hatching multiple Exclusive Pets before getting your desired pet.

Exclusive Egg Value

The Exclusive Egg costs 400 Robux at the Exclusive Shop. Alternatively, you can buy them in bulk at a slight discount, such as hatching 10 for 3200 Robux. Otherwise, you can trade it at the fair market value of 15-30 billion Diamonds.


Pet Simulator X: How To Get An Exclusive Egg

The first and easiest way to get an Exclusive Egg is to purchase one from the Exclusive Shop. Unfortunately, you can't buy them with Gems at this shop; instead, you'll need to use Robux, the in-game currency used in Roblox that can be purchased with real money.

The second way you can get an Exclusive Egg is through trading. You can learn more about how to trade in our dedicated guide. You can exchange an Egg that may no longer be available with a player who bought it at the time of its release at a fair value. However, be prepared to pay a premium for them.

Regardless of your chosen method, once you've received the Exclusive Egg, you can keep it in your Inventory or hatch it immediately.

Pet Simulator X: Expired Exclusive Eggs

Here is a list of expired Exclusive Eggs from previous Pet Simulator X updates that are no longer available for purchase in the Exclusive Shop. However, these highly sought-after Eggs can still be found through trading with other players.

To ensure you're getting a fair deal in a trade, it's always a good idea to refer to our upcoming Pet Simulator X value guide to get the best deal possible without accidentally getting scammed.

Atlantean Egg
  • Atlantean Orca (50%
  • Atlantean Stingray (35%)
  • Atlantean Dolphin (13%)
  • Huge Atlantean Orca (1.25%)
  • Huge Atlantean Dolphin (0.7%)
  • Titanic Atlantean Jellyfish (0.05%)
Nightmare Egg
Jelly Egg
Crystal Egg
Hologram Egg
  • Hologram Shark (50%)
  • Hologram Tiger (35%)
  • Hologram Axolotl (13%)
  • Huge Hologram Shark (1.25%)
  • Huge Hologram Axolotl (0.7%)
  • Titanic Hologram Cat (0.05%)
Dominus Egg
  • Storm Dominus (50%)
  • Empyrean Dominus (35%)
  • Inferno Dominus (13%)
  • Huge Storm Dominus (1.25%)
  • Huge Inferno Dominus (0.7%)
  • Titanic Dominus Astra (0.05%)
Meme Egg
  • Knife Cat (50%)
  • Clout Cat (35%)
  • Pop Cat (13%)
  • Huge Knife Cat (1.25%)
  • Huge Pop Cat (0.7%)
  • Titanic Hubert (0.05%)
Neon Egg
  • Neon Cat (50%)
  • Neon Dog (35%)
  • Neon Griffin (13%)
  • Huge Neon Cat (1.25%)
  • Huge Neon Griffin (0.7%)
  • Titanic Neon Agony (0.05%)
Balloon Egg
  • Balloon Dragon (50%)
  • Balloon Corgi (35%)
  • Balloon Axolotl (13%)
  • Huge Balloon Dragon (1.25%)
  • Huge Balloon Axolotl (0.7%)
  • Titanic Balloon Monkey (0.05%)
Titanic Egg
  • Grinch Cat (65%)
  • Present Chest Mimic (33%)
  • Huge Grinch Cat (1.25%)
  • Huge Present Chest Mimic (0.7%)
  • Titanic Jolly Cat (0.05%)
Anime Egg
  • Anime Unicorn (35%)
  • Anime Corgi (30%)
  • Anime Monkey (20%)
  • Anime Agony (13%)
  • Huge Anime Unicorn (1.5%)
  • Huge Anime Agony (0.5%)
Neon Twilight Egg
  • Neon Twilight Wolf (35%)
  • Neon Twilight Cat (30%)
  • Neon Twilight Tiger (24%)
  • Neon Twilight Dragon (10%)
  • Huge Neon Twilight Wolf (0.75%)
  • Huge Neon Twilight Dragon (0.25%)
Elemental Egg
  • Pricky Panda (50%)
  • Lightning Bat (35%)
  • Subzero Cat (20%)
  • Inferno Cat (13%)
  • Huge Prickly Panda (1.5%)
  • Huge Inferno Cat (0.5%)
Capybara Egg
  • Capybara (50%)
  • Super Capybara (35%)
  • Cyborg Capybara (13%)
  • Huge Capybara (1.5%)
  • Huge Cyborg Capybara (0.5%)

And that's everything you need to know about how to get Exclusive Eggs in Pet Simulator X.