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Pet Simulator X: Emerald Monkey Value - What Is It Worth?

Looking for the latest and most up-to-date Emerald Monkey value in Pet Simulator X? Look no further than our guide.
Pet Simulator X: Emerald Monkey Value - What Is It Worth?

Pet Simulator X boasts an expansive library of pets, with new additions introduced to the game seemingly weekly. The Emerald Monkey is one such critter released with the April 2023 Diamond Mine update in Pet Simulator X. As such, many collectors and traders are curious about its worth. So if you also find yourself wondering about the Emerald Monkey value, read on. This guide will detail all the necessary information and guide you to make informed trading decisions, including the latest  Emerald Monkey trade value in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X: Emerald Monkey Value & Price

emerald monkey value pet simulator x
Emerald Monkey in Pet Simulator X. (Picture: Twitter / RBXG Leaks)

The Emerald Monkey is a relatively common pet in Pet Simulator X with a reasonable drop rate of 35% by hatching the Exclusive Crystal Egg. But should that stop you from making a bit of bank? Heck no! If you're an avid trader, you'll know there's good money in knowing the best price for certain pets, regardless of how rare or common they might be. So to help you, we've detailed the latest trade values for the Emerald Monkey in Pet Simulator X.

Regular version 1 billion Gems
Gold version 2 billion Gems
Rainbow version 10 billion Gems
Dark Matter version * 80 billion Gems
Shiny version ** 5 billion Gems

Note: The value of the Emerald Monkey in Pet Simulator X is subject to change due to factors such as in-game updates, enchantments, and market fluctuations. The table above provides an estimate of the current value of each rarity, but it may not be accurate in the future. Also, only pets with damage stats can be Dark Matter variants, while any pet has a chance to be hatched as a Shiny.

Pet Simulator X: How To Get Emerald Monkey Pet

The Emerald Monkey can be acquired by hatching the Exclusive Egg 12 (Crystal Egg) in Pet Simulator X. It is only available for a limited time and has a 35% drop chance. That being said, you definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to add it to your collection. After it is no longer available, the only way to obtain it will be through trading with other players at the Trading Booth. It's also unclear whether it will be offered as another event-exclusive reward, so grab one while you still can.