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How To Get M-10 Hoverboard In Pet Simulator X

Glide around in style! Learn how to get your hands on the coveted M-10 Prototype Hoverboard for free in Pet Simulator X.
How To Get M-10 Hoverboard In Pet Simulator X

Pet collectors, get ready! As always, the latest update in Pet Simulator X introduced a ton of exciting additions and changes, including a brand-new M-10 Prototype Hoverboard! This snazzy-looking glider is all the craze right now, given its exceptionally cool and edgy design. But the burning question among many players is: how to get the M10 Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X? Arggh!

If you find yourself scratching your head and wondering the same, don't worry! You're not alone. Fortunately, we have the solution. This guide will explain exactly how to get the M-10 Prototype Hoverboard in the new Pet Simulator X update, including its cost and the respective quests you must complete. So, what on earth are you waiting for? Stop reading this and continue to the next section already!

Update on 23 April 2023: The M-10 Prototype Hoverboard has been released. We've updated this page to reflect the details in the BIG Games blog post.

How To Get M10 Prototype Hoverboard In Pet Simulator X

To unlock the M-10 Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X, you will need to earn 5,000 quest points and use them to purchase the hoverboard in the Quest Shop. These points can be earned by completing various challenges found in every area of the game, with the difficulty of the quest determining the number of quest points awarded upon completion.

Once you have earned enough quest points, you can access the Quest Shop through the signs and purchase the M10 Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X, along with other new and unique items that are only obtainable through questing. The image below illustrates some of the cool items you can purchase through the Quest Shop.


Speaking of which, the fastest way to earn enough points to claim the M-10 Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X is by doing quests that you can multitask simultaneously. So basically, find areas with easy quests you can do while there. A great place to start is Daycare because doing those challenges will also help you to max your Daycare Mastery in the game. Alternatively, you can go to the Diamond Mine and grind Gems there to boost your Diamond Mine Mastery!

If you have extra quest points, you can also purchase the Quests Egg in Pet Simulator X. The Quests Egg costs 400 quest points and has a 0.1% chance of hatching the ultra-rare Huge M-10 PROTOTYPE pet. Of course, if you're not lucky enough to hatch the Huge M-10 PROTOTYPE, you will still receive a regular M-10 PROTOTYPE pet instead.

And that's everything to know about how to get the M-10 Prototype Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X. But why stop there? If you're interested, you might like to check out our guides on how to get the Cat Hoverboard or the High Tech Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X.